Marr suggests a Christmas single to relaunch the Smiths - BBC Newsnight

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By Maurice E Maher on Nov 22, 2016 at 9:50 AM
  1. Maurice E Maher

    Maurice E Maher Active Member

    Jun 19, 2014
    Not sure if this news has done the rounds yet but ... in another recent TV interview, Marr talks about the prospect of the Smiths coming back with a Christmas single! (5:35)
    I reckon Marr deserves top marks for handling all the questions about the Smiths reforming with humour and diplomacy.

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    1. Quando quando quando
      Quando quando quando
      Maybe he was slightly ironic too?
      Just wondering. :rolleyes:
    2. Anonymous
      To me all these references to his relationship with moz sound like it's their friendship that he misses, not necessarily their working relationship. (Though whether he actively wants to give friendship another go, or whether he's just lamenting that he knows they can't be friends, is anybody's guess.)
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    3. Anonymous
      Santa Rejected My Soul...
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    4. Anonymous
      I don't know. If that were true you'd think they have a meet and a beer without reunion plans being brought up and talked about everywhere
    5. Quando quando quando
      Quando quando quando
      I don't know either but the reunion plans were subject of the press for many years based on the fact that many fans wanted it. Which was true.
      For all we know they could have had a couple of meets and beers, independent from the reunion assumptions.
      Now we have some certainty that it was actually discussed in 2008.
      I still think Johnny Marr is very careful and sensitive and diplomatic about it. I don't think moz holds an extra grudge now against him for telling about that last meeting and revealing reunion was discussed. He needed some publicity for his book.
      Moz knows about that stuff.
    6. Anonymous
      I don't begrudge him going for publicity I guess I'm just sayin g that if he was more interested in there lost friendship I'd imagine he'd talk more about it. The time he does someone brings up a reunion, I believe it to have been him, and he tries to follow up on it. I also think it'd be hard for them to hang out without people knowing or hearing something about it so I doubt there's been any. There's no condemnation here I just think he's more into and open to a reunion than morrissey is and that while he probably regrets not being friends anymore I doubt he's broken up about it either. At least from what I've seen or read
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    7. marred
      That was a christmas single!
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    8. Quando quando quando
      Quando quando quando
      I was just having my morning espresso and now I need a wet plimsol to clean my wooden floor!
      The second time, silver medal for you my friend. ;)

      " He knows my kind, he's been around ".
      It has always been his favourite festive season, :ha-no:
      I remember a summing up of all the stress and the constant jingle bells everywhere. He didn't expect to get through to the new year.
      And that horrible song:
      " It's the most beautiful time of the year "
      Arggghh :head-smack:
    9. marred
      At Battersea in '97 Morrissey introduced the song saying "This is our new Christmas single".
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    10. Flibberty
      And he did the same in Chester as well.
    11. Anonymous
      Good Christmas songs make you famous. Yearly play long after your shelf life has expired.
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    12. marred
      Yes you're right. I had the gigs mixed up. It was Chester, not Battersea.
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    13. Guernie
      Like his answer to Noel Gallagher wanting to borrow a guitar after getting his damaged by a fight on stage with fans . "It is a bit heavier in sound and weight plus if you swing it , it could take a fans head off!" Johnny has a great memory to be is such a interesting story teller . Hope the book sells as much as Moz did .

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