Marr suggests a Christmas single to relaunch the Smiths - BBC Newsnight

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By Maurice E Maher on Nov 22, 2016 at 9:50 AM
  1. Maurice E Maher

    Maurice E Maher Active Member

    Jun 19, 2014
    Not sure if this news has done the rounds yet but ... in another recent TV interview, Marr talks about the prospect of the Smiths coming back with a Christmas single! (5:35)
    I reckon Marr deserves top marks for handling all the questions about the Smiths reforming with humour and diplomacy.

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    1. Maurice E Maher
      Maurice E Maher
      Mentions Smiths Christmas single in interview at 5:35
    2. Kenmare
      Agree with you and thanks for this, Maurice. The more I see of him, the more I like Johnny. Fantastic footage, and great to see Marr poking fun at it all (with great warmth as usual).
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    3. Quando quando quando
      Quando quando quando
      Yeah, funny.
      But maybe not as unlikely as it seems. o_O
      Not money-wise, but what in fact would be the objection against it, and from who?
      Not from Moz, he would have a laugh. The money Joyce would be getting from it would be peanuts anyway, compared to what he already took from Moz and Johnny.

      And Moz and Johnny know that the issue of a possible reunion and the questions about that will be there forever, even after they both closed their eyes. So why not ?
      And it would draw some attention again to their music and career, and fitting to moz his strategy to get a deal with a label.
      Could be something from Johnny's vault, or even an reissue of an, in his view, neglected Smiths song.
      Polishing it up, remaster, etcetera, etcetera.
      Let me see, what song would rise to the occasion?
      What about " Vicar In A Tutu" ? :)
    4. Anonymous
      Panic with overdubbed sleigh bells, like a proper 70s Christmas record.
    5. kissmyshadestoo
      At times when I watch these interviews, it seems like HE is really wanting a reunion....
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    6. Anonymous
      Very much agree
    7. AztecCamera
      I reckon him and Morrissey's "secret" corporate acoustic gigs all over the USA aren't enough for him.
    8. Cornflakes
      I think he'd be more open to it than Morrissey, but I also think it's a bit like someone apparently hankering after being back with their old boyfriend or girlfriend, but what they really want is to be 23 again. If you reunited the Smiths, what you ended up with wouldn't actually be the Smiths, and I suspect Johnny is aware of that.
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    9. Ketamine Sun
      Ketamine Sun
      A Christ-myth single? I guess sales of his book weren't as good as he hoped for. :(

      oh Johnny ! stop stoking that flame ! It's just dead cold ashes anyway.
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    10. hand in glove
      hand in glove
      Johnny is a sweet guy with a great sense of humor. I enjoyed this little video quite a bit. Thanks for sharing :)
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    11. Surface
      It was an interview on 2nd November, before the book was released.
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    12. Ketamine Sun
      Ketamine Sun
      well then, Johnny must have visited his personal astrologer that day. :thumb:
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    13. johnsonb
      What a thoroughly irritating little opportunist cunt. Despise.
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    14. Anonymous
      Put a bell around my neck
      and lead me there and here
      oh let me be ...your reindeer.

      with loads of bells. All profits going to charities for animals or even humans in distress.

      Well, that would be lovely, babies.
      But will only happen in dreams I suppose.
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    15. gordyboy9
      It could be Morrissey,marr Rourke and walker.matt must know most of the smiths songs by now.would give the other band members a break,bozz could do a few shifts in his shop.
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    16. Anonymous
      Did you miss the obvious humour?

      He who can hate Johnny Marr has failed at life.

      - MXE Moon
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    17. rifke
      johnny marr was so cool when he was young, why cant i be that cool?
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    18. marred
      Thanks for posting this. What a great little interview!
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    19. Anonymous
      thick as pig shit . didn't you get that he was obviously joking . jesus , people like you make me despair. such a horrid little turd you are
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