Marr/Smiths references from Noel Gallagher - That Pedal Show


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Interesting insights about Johnny, his songwriting, and the guitar he gifted Noel (starts at 11 minutes in).

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Very nice find. I liked the "Noel & Bonehead's simple formula" segment—that massive wall of sound. I also liked how he regretted Oasis came to be saddled with the cretinous "lad rock" image, but that in the beginning there were plenty of girls at the shows. I remember that held for America, too, and probably for longer, because the "bros" were into grunge music and moshing. And even though there were idiots who did mosh at Oasis shows, it wasn't as contagious, particularly because the sullen, stock-still demeanor of the band kind of discouraged it.

Noel Gallagher's always a good interview, even when he's in guitar nerd mode.
I hope they do get Marr on the show, two episodes should hopefully cover the important stuff.
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