Marr mentioned in new Iggy Pop documentary


Nobody ever looks at me twice
I know there is a blurb about Iggy seeing Marr in Johnny's book.....Iggy mentions Johnny in his documentary:

"Pop is promoting the last of a string of big endeavors this year after a new record Post Pop Depression and documentary Gimme Danger. An oral history of the Stooges called Total Chaos is due out November 15th. The coffee table tome is peppered with essays by Stooges acolytes Josh Homme, Joan Jett, Dave Grohl, Johnny Marr and more, and takes the form of a long interview between former Warner Brothers executive Jeff Gold and Pop that's been five years in the making, according to Third Man Books' Chet Weise. "
Cool. I need a better Iggy book. I've got gimme danger but it's just alright Imo. I know marr had a few smiths songs sorta inspired by the stooges by I've never heard him talk about Iggy or Iggy about him. He inspired so many people. Kurt cobains number one fav and I always thought Darby crash got his gimme gimme gimme act from Iggy as he was a well known fan. Need to watch the doc soon
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