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By Uncleskinny on Jan 24, 2018 at 7:52 PM
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    Jun 1, 2000
    On the moors
    RIP you crazy bastard

    UPDATE Jan. 27:

    Perhaps someone has more details on the influence of The Fall on Morrissey. I recall songs from The Fall were played as intermission music before Morrissey shows (according to this YouTube playlist, "Living Too Late" in 2017 and this playlist, "Lie Dream of a Casino Soul" in 1995). Also, this excerpt posted by Uncleskinny from "The Rise, The Fall, and The Rise" by Brix Smith Start (original article from Oct. 2016):

    Mark had been losing patience with Rough Trade and decided we had to look for a new record label. There were a few reasons Mark had soured on them, but the main one was that The Smiths had arrived. This was a huge bone of contention. When he was younger, Morrissey used to write Mark long, fawning letters. Mark has them all saved. Morrissey was obsessed with The Fall and Mark. Mark would never call him Morrissey and would refer to him by his first name, Steven. The rumour was that they named themselves The Smiths after Mark, and that they loved The Fall so much they wanted to be on Rough Trade. One of their first gigs was supporting us.
    It never even dawned on me that our smoking may have set off the alarm. As we were hurrying down the stairs to evacuate the hotel I ran into Morrissey. By this point I was having a full-blown anxiety attack, bordering on panic. The alarm was blaring and I was desperate to find Mark. I asked him, ‘Have you seen Mark?’ Morrissey responded in a dry, mean tone: ‘He’s probably upstairs, burning up in the fire.’ He thought it was funny, but I had no sense of humour right then. I was really worried about Mark’s wellbeing. I never spoke to Morrissey again. He was always so unfriendly, prickly and weird, whereas Johnny Marr was the loveliest, most friendly, genuine person.

    Also, The Fall are #8 in Morrissey's Headful Of Heroes (NME, Sep. 16, 1989) - "Moanchester, so much to answer for":

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Discussion in 'Other Music archive (read-only)' started by Uncleskinny, Jan 24, 2018.

    1. Ketamine Sun
      Ketamine Sun
      M :bow:E:bow: S

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    2. Surface
    3. Ketamine Sun
      Ketamine Sun
      'The iconic frontman of The Fall was laid to rest at Blackley Crematorium yesterday, followed by a gathering at the Woodthorpe Hotel in his home town of Prestwich.

      But according to a report by The Mirror the wake was marred by a 'brawl', with bottles being thrown.

      And it added that one former band member of The Fall said Smith 'would have loved' the send-off.'

      thanks for the link/update.:thumb:

      at least it wasn't a boring affair. I could imagine that it may have been the ghost of Mark that threw the first bottle ! :)

      hope they found a 'hip priest' to read the rites.

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    4. Surface
      Still gutted he has gone, he was well liked around these parts.
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    5. Peterb
      Surface, you seem pretty sound so I'm tended to trust your judgement as any.
      I like a lot of the Fall I listen to on YouTube so I want to get an album but there are so many.
      Hit me with a good couple of albums to start with if you'd be so kind.
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    6. Surface
      Crikey, thats a big question with so many to choose from. There are great and not so great tracks on all of the albums from my perspective but the couple which hit the mark for me are Hex Enduction Hour and The Infotainment Scan. I think Ketamine was into the band as well, so she will probably have some good pointers.
    7. Peterb
      Thank you Surface.
      I will note your suggestions and see what K. thinks.
    8. Peterb
      Hey K. What Fall albums would you recommend for a first timer?
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    9. Mr Delaney
      Mr Delaney
      Allow me to offer some suggestions while KS compiles hers.

      This Nation's Saving Grace (1985):

      Bend Sinister (1986):

      Extricate (1990, perhaps sonically the most accessible):

      45 84 89 A-Sides:
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    10. Peterb
      Excellent Mr Delaney.
      Thank you.
    11. Ketamine Sun
      Ketamine Sun
      those are good starts.

      it depends on what does it for you...

      their albums from 1979 - 1983/84
      are a little more 'abrasive' shall we say.

      from 1985 - on
      the work became a little more pleasing to the ear (?) more 'pop' or 'listenable'.

      Though all of it is interesting, and the Fall sound is his voice his words boggle delightful! It's hard to describe to people that don't get them/him. If you like Captain Beefheart's 'Trout Mask Replica' or CAN's TAGO MAGO or the Stooges RAW POWER then you'll dig the Fall's early stuff too.

      explore! enjoy!.. you can't really go wrong.:thumb::)

      Shoulder Pads #1

      All these fads
      It's shoulder pads

      On New Year's Dawn
      To my surprise
      All the Macca lads stayed at home
      Picking antiques
      and clotheses
      Cosy flecked with green bits
      Main undercurrent, white spermatoze

      My powers
      Against them, half-useless
      My senses
      Are like hard putty

      Was embarrassed but stuck with them
      Walked, at shoulder, down the street, ridicule
      They couldn't tell Lou Reed from Doug Yule
      Suppressed hate romance

      It was like being back at school

      My powers before them resound
      My powers heard language, two-time doom

      Win populace, internal defeat
      Their mob had a coup d'etat
      Realize what they'd always wanted
      Knew I was right all along
      It wasn't then a Beatles song
      Superhero in harlequin kecks
      Dimwit lecture half read
      Cursing black singers ten years dead

      Was a clown in victim hat
      Was shouldered and spurned

      Then my powers did return....

      Shoulder Pads #2

      (fade in)

      Knew I was right all along
      Rock to them a Talking Heads album
      Superhero in harlequin kecks
      Dimwit lecture, half read

      Was I victim in clown hat?
      Was I nearly turned?

      Then my powers did return...

      Watch out makers of fads
      It's MES in shoulder pads

      My powers gone
      Powers, said Batman

      Said a twisted chill, flashes pan
      It's MES in shoulder pads

      Big fit deal for mamas of fads
      It's MES in shoulder pads

      You'd better
      Line that bottom line
      Against that different plan

      Holding ankles, rotten kecks
      It's MES in shoulder pads

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    12. Peterb
      Hi Ketamine, thank you so much for taking the time for such a comprehensive response.
      I'm really looking forward to getting stuck in!
      (Bend Sinister has been mentioned a couple of times so I'll start with that).
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    13. Mr Delaney
      Mr Delaney
      Even though I have been a near-life-long Velvet Underground fan and know very well who Yule is, until fairly recently I always misheard this line as "They couldn't tell Lou Reed from a mule" and thought M.E.S. was just being cantankerous ;-)

      Ain't it the truth though.... Many people still believe it's Yule singing lead on "I Found a Reason" (when in fact it's Reed) and vice versa on "She's My Best Friend".
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    14. Ketamine Sun
      Ketamine Sun

      Here is David Bowie's original quote regarding the meeting:

      "I'd come back from New York, having caught one of the last performances of The Velvet Underground, a band I had admired tremendously since around 66/67. One of that tiny bastion of Velvet Underground fans in London at the time, before they were generally known. And I'd gotten into the Electric Circus to see the gig. I watched the entire show, and there were not that many people in the audience because their star had begun to dim in New York. The whole band were there with Lou Reed singing the songs and I thought it was just tremendous.

      "I was singing along with the band, stuck right there at the apron of the stage. 'Waiting For The Man', 'White Light/ White Heat', 'Heroin'...All that kind of stuff. And then after the show, I went back stage and I knocked on the door, and I said "Is Lou Reed in? I'd love to talk to him, I'm from England, cos I'm in music too, and he's a bit of a hero to me." This guy said "Wait here". And Lou comes out and we sat talking on the bench for about quarter of an hour about writing songs, and what it's like to be Lou Reed, and all that...and afterwards I was floating on a cloud, and went back to my hotel room.
      I said to this guy that I knew in New York: "Ive just seen the Velvet Underground and I got to talk with Lou Reed for fifteen minutes", and he said, "Yeah? Lou Reed left the band last year, I think you've been done." I said, "It looked like Lou Reed" and he said "Thats Doug Yule, he's the guy that took over from Lou Reed." I thought what an impostor, wow, that's incredible. It doesn't matter really, cos I still talked to Lou Reed as far as I was concerned. Coming back to England, one of the memories I brought back with me, was all that. So I wrote Queen Bitch as a sort of homage to Lou Reed."


      here's a link, great place for Fall song lyric/info..

      '......D. Bowie look-alikes
      Permeate car parks
      Grab the churches while you can
      Yellow cabins by methodist doors
      New Jersey car parks permeated by

      D. Bowie sound-alikes

      It's good to live in the country
      You can get down to real thinking
      Walk around look at geometric tracery
      Hedgehogs skirt around your leathered soles
      Fall down drunk on the road
      It's good to live in the country...'

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    15. Pablo Honey
    16. Ketamine Sun
      Ketamine Sun

      “Mark fought a long and hard battle after his diagnosis of terminal lung and kidney cancer. He took every treatment going, which could be brutal at times and left Mark with some horrible side effects. Mark was such a strong man and hated letting his fans down and tried to carry on regardless against all advice.

      “Mark had a great life and loved and lived it to the full and always by his own rules and we, as his sisters were privileged to be part of it too.

      “Mark is at peace now and pain free, but we, his three sisters have been left heartbroken and will miss our big brother very much.

      “Barbara, Suzanne and Caroline.”

      'Well I'm not going back
      To the slow life
      Cos every step is a drag
      And peace is a kite of materials
      You never catch'

    17. Charlie Cheswick
      Charlie Cheswick
      There's a nice documentary on Mark E Smith on BBC Iplayer a the moment for anyone who's got access to it.
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    18. Guernie
      To think of him in a wheel chair, head lumpy, arm in a sling yet still singing to The Fall fans ....... the will to live. As Pam Vander said he fought to the bitter end against death and we loved him for it. 60 is to young to leave! Thank you Ketamine Sun for all the music you have posted on this tribute . What a vast catalog Smithy left us . His death will sting for quite a while .
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    19. Ketamine Sun
      Ketamine Sun
      His art was his life, and he lived it to the full. Glad to share, and to the ones who don't know.. hopefully spread the fantastic gospel of the one and only...

      Mark E Smith !!!

      'Style's too easy to buy nowadays
      And there's interference with the mail
      And you just can't get out the words
      Some people think if they had a job they'd be well
      A fantastic lie! '

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    20. Suedebread
      I discovered The Fall, around 12 years ago. A friend was playing the first track 'Repetition' on the ‘50,000 Fall Fans...’ comp when I walked in. I'd never heard of them, but was intrigued enough to ask to borrow the cd.

      Saw them live 12 times in all (first gig was with the Dudes), and they have been far and away my favourite group/thing/entity for the last decade or so, usurping Morrissey, who at that point had been my musical obsession for a solid couple of years.

      Was already in a bit of an emotional place on the evening I learnt of his death, pushed me over the edge into tears, unprecedented for me in relation to a public figure.

      If anyone feels up for disappearing down a Fall rabbit-hole, you could do worse than try The Fall Online Forum. Been on there about 8 years now, it's a fantastic repository for all things Fall, and more besides. If you're looking for a broad spectrum of opinion (every album is somebodies holy grail/nadir) and debate, it's the place to be.

      On the other hand, it's got its share of cliques, sniping and bad blood... but if you're registered on here, you're probably hardened to that sort of thing already ;)
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