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By Uncleskinny on Jan 24, 2018 at 7:52 PM
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    Jun 1, 2000
    On the moors
    RIP you crazy bastard

    UPDATE Jan. 27:

    Perhaps someone has more details on the influence of The Fall on Morrissey. I recall songs from The Fall were played as intermission music before Morrissey shows (according to this YouTube playlist, "Living Too Late" in 2017 and this playlist, "Lie Dream of a Casino Soul" in 1995). Also, this excerpt posted by Uncleskinny from "The Rise, The Fall, and The Rise" by Brix Smith Start (original article from Oct. 2016):

    Mark had been losing patience with Rough Trade and decided we had to look for a new record label. There were a few reasons Mark had soured on them, but the main one was that The Smiths had arrived. This was a huge bone of contention. When he was younger, Morrissey used to write Mark long, fawning letters. Mark has them all saved. Morrissey was obsessed with The Fall and Mark. Mark would never call him Morrissey and would refer to him by his first name, Steven. The rumour was that they named themselves The Smiths after Mark, and that they loved The Fall so much they wanted to be on Rough Trade. One of their first gigs was supporting us.
    It never even dawned on me that our smoking may have set off the alarm. As we were hurrying down the stairs to evacuate the hotel I ran into Morrissey. By this point I was having a full-blown anxiety attack, bordering on panic. The alarm was blaring and I was desperate to find Mark. I asked him, ‘Have you seen Mark?’ Morrissey responded in a dry, mean tone: ‘He’s probably upstairs, burning up in the fire.’ He thought it was funny, but I had no sense of humour right then. I was really worried about Mark’s wellbeing. I never spoke to Morrissey again. He was always so unfriendly, prickly and weird, whereas Johnny Marr was the loveliest, most friendly, genuine person.

    Also, The Fall are #8 in Morrissey's Headful Of Heroes (NME, Sep. 16, 1989) - "Moanchester, so much to answer for":

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Discussion in 'Other Music archive (read-only)' started by Uncleskinny, Jan 24, 2018.

    1. Peterb
      Please consider the scattered shards gathered and reassembled.
      I can see your political position is a humane and comp!ex one.
      Are there any political figures you have faith in?
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    2. Quando quando quando
      Quando quando quando
      Not anymore but maybe there will be one and he or she will say the right things for me and after he or she convinced me to give them my vote and they got the power they will misuse it.

      Power corrupts.
      Total power corrupts totally.
      The thing is it could happen to anybody, and I dare say to me too.

      Sorry for sounding a bit like a misanthrope.

      Anyways I think we all have to paddle our own canoe, ahem, and not counting to much on the politicians as they will always say what they think the general public wants to hear.

      Maybe it is time to find other ways of co-operation and getting things done without them.

      They know and that is what they fear the most cause it will strip them from their powertrip and they will do anything to prevent that.

      So they will divide and rule by scaring the people and put different kinds of voters up against each other by propaganda, fake news, and “alternative” facts (as if they even can exist).
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    3. A scanty bit of thing
      A scanty bit of thing
      Devastated. This is the first time since M-Solow's inception that I have logged on, and that it made me cry.

      Tears for Mark E. swirling together in my hot coffee is a strangely apt kind of frozen moment of deliberate sadness, stopped in time. Emptiness, and a sad hollowness that I can clutch, like the desperate clutching of a small fistful of strangely crumbling straws, stranger still that they're made of sharp-edged mesh, of silver gauze. Bleeding fingertips are the only currency proving anything's real. Because how can now, be real? If then, is suddenly now all gone?

      I can lie to myself like a child and tell myself the untruth that I don't, and that I won't ... care. Hot tears always mean pretending un-care. But, just like everything else, a lie. Because yes I do. But caring at all, is already always caring too much.

      Un-care, the reverse mirror image, is nothing but the flip side of the same coin. Un-care is always the most precious lie, of the lying. Mark, the savant rebel's cuckoo clock. You don't get it? You don't have to. Don't look back. Everything's disappeared already, now.

      Mark E. Icon under the radar.

      The savant rebel's soundtrack to my savant rebel life, under my past's darkened underpass of stolen nights, of stolen lights. The Fall in my head, Mark's appetite for the ungodly, and, evisceration. Something I may know something about. The music... the music was those neon lights, the blinkering fuchsia and electric violet shadows under the darkened bridge, of that previous life. Yes, don't ever look back. Fall in my veins. Others, blinded by Mark's will.

      If you want to stand somewhere in life, if you have anything of value to say, you should always stand alone.

      Written in love. RIP, Mark E.

      Fall is my heartache, Fall is my heartbreak. Fall Forever.

      Be at peace.
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    4. ACTON
      It's only January! Can I vote myself off-topic?
      p.s. sad that Mark E Smith has died.
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    5. Anonymous
      Very Lovely, Star Maiden.
    6. Bluebirds
      Nice one x
    7. joe frady
      joe frady
      Pathetic Fall concert anecdote #173 ~

      í nearly saw The Fall live. In other words, í didn't.
      í bought a ticket to see a "Rock Concert", as it says on the ticket, by The Fall at Glasgow City Hall, Eighth of May 1992.
      it had been announced, somewhere, that Suede were to support them that night, after Mark E Smith had told Terry Bicker's band to fuck right off after a handful of support slots.
      Suede were unsigned at that point, í assume í had heard 'The Drowners' on the radio, but not much else. Only their fifth show outside swinging London & a fortnight before their debut on 'The Late Show'.
      Anyways, í sat alone in the balcony and swooned. Then left.
      My first niece was waiting to be born that Friday night and í headed home early to hear whether she'd emerged. (This was in those blissful days before mobile telephones.) She had, so instead of seeing The Fall í went up to the hospital and held her in my arms.
      She's now 25, and Mark E Smith is dead.

      "Time / Do as í wish"

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    8. beewee
      So sad, another legend gone.

      I've heard songs on XM, but never beyond that. Suggestions on the best all around album to grab on I-tunes from The Fall? Looks like there is a boat load, so many choices~
    9. Anonymous
      They are ringing the Church bells in Broughton.....

    10. Anonymous
      A nice thread about Mark and some piss flap comes on talking shit.
      Mark, like morrissey is neither left or right wing both would be pro NHS. You daft foreign mug.
      Stick your quando up your harris
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    11. Quando quando quando
      Quando quando quando
      Would Mark E. Smith mind if I rated your post funny? Not. Don’t think so.

      If you want me to rate your post off-topic, on your behalf, let me know Acton. No problem, but I guess you were only joking. Just as I am.

      Unfortunately we’re only still in the first month of this year. :(
    12. URBANUS

      Marry me!

    13. Cornflakes
      I think a debate about what is the best Fall LP is never going to reach a conclusion. Get the compilation 50,000 Fall Fans Can't Be Wrong and go from there. Might sound like a cop out, but anything else would be just me telling you to get the one I like best.

      ETA: Or A-Sides 1978-2016, which I don't have, but it looks good value.
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    14. Anonymous
      I'm confused - what does this news item have to do with Morrissey? :confused:
    15. Cornflakes
      Morrissey is a fan.

      Also, this forum is titled "Other music", so you can start a thread about Kate Bush or Puccini if you like.
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    16. Ketamine Sun
      Ketamine Sun
      and it's Smith/s related. ;)
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    17. ACTON
      As Robert Smith said in an interview just before the release of Disintegration: "you'd have to be the most boring person in the world to only listen to one type of music". Oops off topic again!
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    18. Mark. just Mark
      Mark. just Mark
      Alright, *now* I'm greetin. Thanks.

      His vibrations will live on.
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    19. Bluebirds
      It's a shame (however well-meaning and reasoned) that some of the posts have descended into political discourse
      Who makes the Nazis?
      The Fall and The Smiths were intrinsically and extrinsically linked. Here's some memories from Brix who used to be Mark E Smith's wife.

      We fell madly in love, inseparable. So we planned our marriage for as soon as we could. We got married in the register office and we had a reception at the Eagle and Child pub, which was arranged by his dad. We had sausage rolls, pickled onions, crisps and beer. And then we went back to our flat in Prestwich, and we played music all night with our friends. It was inevitable. It was meant to be.

      Any time any band did something that sounded like the Fall, it would infuriate him. He was the fiercest Mancunian that I have ever come to know, and there are a lot of them. Morrissey was a massive Fall fan before the Smiths, and used to write him fawning fan letters, which we have in our house, signed. But the Smiths signed to Rough Trade, and Rough Trade obviously put everything they had into the Smiths, which we can see now was worthwhile. And Mark felt kicked to the curb. I remember we were all playing a gig in Manchester, and the smoke alarm went off in the hotel. I was quite panicked. I saw Morrissey, and asked if he’d seen Mark, and he said: “Yeah, he’s upstairs burning.” I never spoke to him again after that.
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    20. Anonymous
      He was a big fan, when he was interviewed by Janice Long just before the release of ‘Shoplifters....’ he played ‘Living Too Late’ and ‘Mr Pharmacist’ from the Bend Sinister LP. Well worth a listen.
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