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    Margaret Dale -
    13 March 2013

    Margaret Dale

    I did not know Margaret on a personal level, but she was always there on the front row - the UK, the US, Israel - wherever we'd go, she'd go. Last week Margaret drove behind the tour bus all the way from Davis to Seattle, and managed to get onstage at Davis. I had signed her arm and it was now a tattoo. This week she is dead. I can only hope, for Margaret, that death yields the profit of rest, and somehow provides her with a listener. We all weary of living in the same skin day after day, in a world where only the blandly trivial are allowed to be heard, but there is nothing wrong with taking your destiny into your own hands, just as there is nothing wrong in understanding what is meant for you and what isn't. We are plonked into life without ever choosing to be, and we are despised if we fail to find a paralyzed spot in which to keep still and shut up. Margaret was a woman of action, who now knows the soul of the world.
    Meanwhile, on today's AOL News Page, headlines tell us that Victoria Beckham has reportedly dropped her "fake" look, and William and Kate are in search of yet another home - the constitutional frigidity of a media world now openly obsessed with zombies and morons.

    Rest well, Margaret.

    13 March 2013

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Discussion in 'General Discussion archive 2013 (read-only)' started by davidt, Mar 14, 2013.

    1. Girl-Afraid
      I cannot believe people on here are wishing death on each other after somebody really has died.
      Get over yourselves.
      Morrissey made a heartfelt, loving statement which was personal and meant as a gesture of good will. Then somebody such as skylarker says Morrissey should have died instead. This really does make me want to cry at the horror of it all - people at their absolute worst. It is little wonder Mozzer hates this site with the likes of these cretins.
      I would not wish death on anybody, even someone I hated so God only knows why you would do it as a so called 'fan' on a Morrissey forum of all things!
    2. !Viva Hate!
      !Viva Hate!

      As far as I'm concerned, getting married to someone you love, having beautiful children with them, providing for them and generally being a productive member of society far outweighs being Morrissey or anything he's accomplished...I guess that's what I get for not being a knob slobbering sycophant, though.
    3. Anonymous
      Unbelievable. That's all. I went to a funeral yesterday of a good friend who was taken from us too young. The compassion that everyone had/ has towards him was amazing and showed true humanity in difficult circumstances. It was "a glorious occasion on this splendid defeat."

      So to then come to a website and see some of the vitriol about a statement which seems from the heart just disgusts me really. Someone died before their time, and she will be missed. Morrissey just tried to reflect that.

      PS Skylarker if this website is making you ill stop fucking using it you fucking clown. You and your ilk are one of the reasons this site has dramatically declined in recent years. Go play some frisbee outside.
    4. Anonymous
      Re: Thanks Morrissey

      Rest in peace Margaret- sympathy to your family too. I also hope that Morrissey is recovering - I have been very concerned for your health for some months. I was listening to 'Asleep' a lot lately - the part that really resonates with with me is 'There is another world' 'There is a better world' 'There must be' - can at times bring tears. I am a mother of two and I wonder what world we have created for our kids? I have been a vegetarian and fan forever and I recently saw a documentary about the abuse of the Panga River fish in Vietnam and was absolutely shocked at what I saw - Google it if you haven't seen what is going on. When you see these horrific practices you can't help but loose hope. I agree that Morrissey was using the Royals and Beckhams to illustrate the tedious attention our media places on things that 'says nothing to me about my life' when they should focus on the important issues - why is the public so hungry for this triviality - we must stop being consumers of this dross. Finally I would like to point out that Morrissey's outspokenness has been a heavy weight on his shoulders and we should always be grateful for his strength and bravery in being so outspoken - his fame enables the feelings of many of us to be given worldwide voice. Thanks Morissey from me - please stay with us we and the animals need you!!!
    5. baby j
      baby j
      How can they hear me say those words
      Still they don't believe me?

      -The Boy With The Thorn In His Side, SMITHS 9:85

      Once again, as I read through the vitriolic posts on this thread, it befuddles me that some of you are even fans of Morrissey. I am a fan because I hear Truth in what he says & sings, that I want to live by in my life. I don't get it anywhere else in this world, or from anyone as clearly as him since Johnny Cash. It doesn't matter whether he's singing about his favorite movie, or idol, or an unrequited love of one night. To me, his greatness lies in is his ability to take a very personal and solitary experience & turn it into a universal message that everyone can live by in their own lives. So, I will leave you with 2 of these lyrical quotes of Moz that immediately came into mind while reading many of your posts. I hope it helps you all treat each other with a little more understanding, and remember why we are his fans. And most of all, so that Margaret Dale may rest in peace as she so rightfully deserves.

      There are more than enough to fight and oppose
      Why waste good time fighting the people you like?
      Who will fall defending your name

      -Hold On To Your Friends, MOZ 5:94

      So the choice I have made
      May seem strange to you
      But who asked you, anyway ?
      It's my life to wreck
      My own way

      -Alma Matters, MOZ 7:97
    6. Playcat2000
      I'm sorry about what I said about Skylarker in my earlier post. I was just VERY upset about what he said about Morrissey. I'm over it now. ;)
      JUST DONT DO IT AGAIN!! :mad:
    7. Anonymous
      This is just sad...
    8. baby j
      baby j
      Now, hear is what I actually came to post:

      This is the video I recorded of Morrissey's encore, The Boy With The Thorn In His Side, at the Davis show. I believe Margaret is the 1st stage invader. She started what was one of the best stage invasions I've seen in quite a while(...hello Seattle? Portland?)!!

      Mozspeed, Margaret!!

      Well she has now gone
      From this unhappy planet
      With all the carnivores
      And the destructor's on it

      -Ouija Board, Ouija Board, MOZ 11:89
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    9. HandThatRocksTheCradle
      nicely put. thanks.

      This whole thing just reiterates a quote I read and use: "Be nicer to people that you really have to be. Everyone is fighting some kind of battle."
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    10. Anonymous
      Absolutely. And well said.
      If you don't care about tabloid gossip, why bother.
      We don't.
      But, this takes away from the passing of a very ardent fan and I hope this kind-hearted lady may rest in peace.
      It is sometimes odd to recognise and acknowledge 'faces' at concerts but often without ever really knowing what is going on in the beating human heart.
      I like to think that fellow concert-goers are like-minded souls with whom we can all relate.
      Thanks for posting. Very sad
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    12. MIDNITE

      This topic about Margaret had been already posted but since been deleted and replaced with this one
      The original one was far worse than this!!!!!!! some truley nasty and cruel posts in the original topic, I read the lot!!!!!!!!!!! :(

      But anyways Ive personally never heard of Margaret, but she seemed such a lovery, kind, shy person, - a tragic ending and loss.

      Rest in peace dear Margaret.

      Children who end there own lives and commit suicide do so because they are so sadened and desperate by there personal experiences of life ect , that they feel its there only way out, its there one last final plea and cry 4 help !
      Im publically saying a few words on behalf of all these little ones and pray that they are all at peace now.

    13. MozRecording

      No, it remains. Your continued inability to locate threads you've previously viewed doesn't mean they've been deleted.
    14. HandThatRocksTheCradle

      Sadly, many die alone and no one hears that cry. We lost one of our students last year, 4 FEB. She was a freshman and her final FB post was: "I'm done." The level of sickening cruelty posted on her FB wall following her death was monstrous. I didn't read it; I listened to her pained father recount it at the memorial service for her in the gym. The other day, I was at work (I work in a public H.S.) and gouged in the wall in the girls' room were these words: "PAIN IS ALL I HAVE". We live in a hurting world. Moz has done some very incredible things with his music and his outspokenness;the best we can do is to not add to the pain and suffering of others. In 100 years it WILL matter.
    15. MIDNITE

      Nope I was wrong, the originall topic has been re-posted !!! can things get any worse here?????????????? :(

      Yep just noticed MozRecording that its still on the forum ! :(
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    16. !Viva Hate!
      !Viva Hate!

      It wasn't "re-posted" never left.
    17. marty c
      marty c
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    18. MIDNITE

      Are u proud of that fact? do u think its clever? keeping a topic online that makes fun of children who commit suicide?
    19. Anonymous

      She wasn't a CHILD, she was a fully grown adult. Stop talking like a nutter.
    20. Anonymous

      Not one of those is an achievement. So, going by your answer -- nothing.

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