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    Margaret Dale -
    13 March 2013

    Margaret Dale

    I did not know Margaret on a personal level, but she was always there on the front row - the UK, the US, Israel - wherever we'd go, she'd go. Last week Margaret drove behind the tour bus all the way from Davis to Seattle, and managed to get onstage at Davis. I had signed her arm and it was now a tattoo. This week she is dead. I can only hope, for Margaret, that death yields the profit of rest, and somehow provides her with a listener. We all weary of living in the same skin day after day, in a world where only the blandly trivial are allowed to be heard, but there is nothing wrong with taking your destiny into your own hands, just as there is nothing wrong in understanding what is meant for you and what isn't. We are plonked into life without ever choosing to be, and we are despised if we fail to find a paralyzed spot in which to keep still and shut up. Margaret was a woman of action, who now knows the soul of the world.
    Meanwhile, on today's AOL News Page, headlines tell us that Victoria Beckham has reportedly dropped her "fake" look, and William and Kate are in search of yet another home - the constitutional frigidity of a media world now openly obsessed with zombies and morons.

    Rest well, Margaret.

    13 March 2013

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Discussion in 'General Discussion archive 2013 (read-only)' started by davidt, Mar 14, 2013.

    1. HandThatRocksTheCradle
      Praying in agreement. Very nice heartfelt thoughts and sentiment.
    2. R. Augen
      R. Augen
      Who the hell are you? Why do you even bother to follow Morrissey? What do you do on this site, as a "fan"??? Well, clearly you're absolutely not. I'm tempted to say it should have been you who died, instead I shall leave it at that.
      We don't need you, farewell!
    3. Anonymous
      Everything but the last sentence is right on. No one should wish that upon anyone else, even if they are a completely shallow narcissist that has to bring EVERY statement including ones that are SUPPOSED to be "genuine" back to them.

      He should just a case of the Mexican squirts for a week or 2 to make amends.
    4. bluemozz
      Poor old Mozza. He can't do right for wrong. Some of the comments on here are a joke. He is ill but has taken the time to acknowledge a kindrit spirits passing. The comments regarding the media are spot on as usual. Please, if you aren't a real Morrissey fan, fuck off and spend your boring life and time somewhere else.
    5. CrystalGeezer
    6. Mozza220559
      Why did she kill herself the silly sausage!

      Does this mean Margaret On The Guillotine won't be sang live anymore, dang it!
    7. Anonymous
      This place gets classier by the day.
    8. !Viva Hate!
      !Viva Hate!
      I pray she's throwing her arms around heaven, now.
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    9. Playcat2000
      He cant win with these idiots but who cares? I loved his tribute as bazaar as it was. Probably wrote it in bed using all the strength he could muster. Get well Morrissey.
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    10. Playcat2000
      "How many of his mentally unstable blind disciples will read this and decide to take their lives?" Probably not enough for you, Reality.
    11. bob-first
    12. Anonymous
      Who said she killed herself? Because morrissey said she is a woman of action? Why do u assume and try to read between the lines and bake you own justification of what he is really saying???? Please answer
    13. ADAM
      I'm sorry to post for a third time, and I won't post again (for the trogs who are trying to start a flame war).

      I have a degenerative neuromuscular disorder that I've lived with since I was ELEVEN YEARS-OLD. The medications help the condition, but over time, they take a toll on your organs, and, honestly, the sh!t wears off. So, if I have a seizure tonight and decide that I'm going to end it, that's MY decision.

      I don't see a difference between my situation and those who are depressed, oppressed and despised. (You know, everyone hates a downer, so, just like my condition, never talk to anyone about your depression, or they'll run fast and hard away from you.) Assuming that she took her life, it was hers to take.

      For the record, I'd LOVE it if Morrissey used my "obituary" to lambaste the murder industries (that includes the "royals") that have taken over this unhappy planet.


      P.S. You might see me twitch, but you'll never see the punch that will knock you on your ass, so don't count this kid out just yet.

      P.P.S. Those who are trolling this (see above) ought to live in shame.
    14. !Viva Hate!
      !Viva Hate!
      Did you even read the statement?
      "there is nothing wrong with taking your destiny into your own hands, just as there is nothing wrong in understanding what is meant for you and what isn't."
    15. Chip
      I have to be honest I've never heard of her before, but I am very sorry about her passing nonetheless. I also found it very touching of Morrissey to take the time and make a statement about her passing, one that seems very heartfelt.

      As for the professional trolls on this website, I am somewhat shocked at what seems to be a new low even for them. Honestly, while I understand why everyone is deeply angered by their sickening and quite frankly disturbing behavior I think we ought to just ignore them. I know it's hard, but they shouldn't be allowed to hijack someone else's death the way they hijack every single thread on this message board with their pettiness. And by responding we are clearly just encouraging them. Just ignore them, let them bounce off each other, and I suspect they will eventually go away.
    16. MarioTheMexMozFan
      Q.E.P.D. que descanse en thing for sure if Morrissey dies from pnemonia, I wont be able to hear his singing voice, ever..
    17. Fan
      I agree with all that you said except for saying anyone should have died. Morrissey is always the first to criticize and condemn, yet when he does something self-serving, it is okay. If anyone else would have done a release like this, he would have jumped all of him or her.
    18. CrystalGeezer
      They keep at it until they're acknowledged, so you gotta say something. Then they go away.
    19. Anonymous
      They never go away -- then they'd have time for self-reflection. Imagine the horror.
    20. Skylarker

      But when Reagan died, Morrissey said it should have been Bush who died. So if it's OK for Morrissey to say something like that, it's OK for me.

      Be consistent, you wimp.

      Not as ashamed as your parents should be.
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