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Margaret Dale -
13 March 2013

Margaret Dale

I did not know Margaret on a personal level, but she was always there on the front row - the UK, the US, Israel - wherever we'd go, she'd go. Last week Margaret drove behind the tour bus all the way from Davis to Seattle, and managed to get onstage at Davis. I had signed her arm and it was now a tattoo. This week she is dead. I can only hope, for Margaret, that death yields the profit of rest, and somehow provides her with a listener. We all weary of living in the same skin day after day, in a world where only the blandly trivial are allowed to be heard, but there is nothing wrong with taking your destiny into your own hands, just as there is nothing wrong in understanding what is meant for you and what isn't. We are plonked into life without ever choosing to be, and we are despised if we fail to find a paralyzed spot in which to keep still and shut up. Margaret was a woman of action, who now knows the soul of the world.
Meanwhile, on today's AOL News Page, headlines tell us that Victoria Beckham has reportedly dropped her "fake" look, and William and Kate are in search of yet another home - the constitutional frigidity of a media world now openly obsessed with zombies and morons.

Rest well, Margaret.

13 March 2013

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Yes, we get it. You like to make a lot of "Morrissey is gay" jokes. Get a new routine.

I really wish I could...sadly, though, "I'm a fat, crazy stalker-bitch with no life who thinks Morrissey is my soulmate" was already taken by someone else.

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