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    Margaret Dale -
    13 March 2013

    Margaret Dale

    I did not know Margaret on a personal level, but she was always there on the front row - the UK, the US, Israel - wherever we'd go, she'd go. Last week Margaret drove behind the tour bus all the way from Davis to Seattle, and managed to get onstage at Davis. I had signed her arm and it was now a tattoo. This week she is dead. I can only hope, for Margaret, that death yields the profit of rest, and somehow provides her with a listener. We all weary of living in the same skin day after day, in a world where only the blandly trivial are allowed to be heard, but there is nothing wrong with taking your destiny into your own hands, just as there is nothing wrong in understanding what is meant for you and what isn't. We are plonked into life without ever choosing to be, and we are despised if we fail to find a paralyzed spot in which to keep still and shut up. Margaret was a woman of action, who now knows the soul of the world.
    Meanwhile, on today's AOL News Page, headlines tell us that Victoria Beckham has reportedly dropped her "fake" look, and William and Kate are in search of yet another home - the constitutional frigidity of a media world now openly obsessed with zombies and morons.

    Rest well, Margaret.

    13 March 2013

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Discussion in 'General Discussion archive 2013 (read-only)' started by davidt, Mar 14, 2013.

    1. Tibby
      I didn`t know her but it`s very sad.I completely agree with Morrissey about what the media chooses to report.It`s all very shallow.I could care less about what celebrities are wearing ect..

      Rest in peace Margaret.
    2. The Cat's Mother
      The Cat's Mother
      I only met Margaret once - the awkward shuffling of two socially-inept eye-contact-avoiders - but we had some long conversations online. I have a copy of her book of Morrissey Lyrics and I sent her a Mini Moz and teased her on her refusal to peer down his trousers. We had some laughs and also some pretty serious discussions. Margaret struggled with some of the emotional aspects of her life but she was hardworking, kind, fiercely intelligent and took huge joy in her fervent admiration of Morrissey. I don't yet know what caused her death and to speculate would seem distasteful, but I believe that Margaret would be touched that Morrissey thought to comment kindly on news of her passing.
    3. hand in glove
      hand in glove
      I don't know how I missed this...I didn't know Margaret well, but she was on my old facebook page. I'm very sorry to hear this news. My thoughts and prayers go out to her family and friends.
    4. Anonymous
      Indeed - I think any of us might feel a glow at that thought. It shows the heart of the man.
    5. ADAM
      I had to ask who she was, to be quite honest. When someone showed me a photo, I realized I knew her from shows past. We never spoke (that I'm aware of). She was just a familiar face. I handed her a setlist once. Wherever she is, I hope she's singing now...
    6. SomeTotallyRandomMozFan
      I couldn't remember the name Margaret Dale but mutual friends told me that we had hung out with her in near and far places at Morrissey shows and conventions over the years and I found a pic with her. Very sad. I have mixed feeling about Morrissey himself commenting on her passing... yes of course it is all very sweet of him to do so. Just as it was when Melinda Hsu passed. My fear is that some of these fans might read these nice things Morrissey writes about them after they are gone and then feel it is time to take their own life - out of hope that of course he will write about them, too...
      My message to you: please hold on.
      Rest In Peace, Margaret Dale.
    7. celibate
      Godspeed Margaret Dale
    8. ADAM

      I've now died eight times in this lifetime. This time last year, I was in my second or third (the days blur) week of residency in the Organ Transplant Wing (which I do not recommend — they have the worst vegetarian menu, surprisingly). I'm still here, my dear, but I believe that anyone who is brave enough to make that leap, honestly, it's a huge decision that doesn't deserve derision.

      I doubt Morrissey is going to applaud such actions at every turn, but (for some of us) there comes a time when we say, "Enough is too much!" If it wasn't for Mel (and her zest for life) I'd have probably buckled in the ICU, but Mel's courage gave me strength. (There are things that people outside "the family" just can't know.) I remember wallowing in self-pity while she was down in the hotel gym. I was downing a bottle of vodka.

      I feel that both women were braver than me — taking control of their lives, not knowing the outcome. (I'm assuming Morrissey's reference is to suicide, but, Mel was the polar opposite — she wanted to live and thrive.) We never know when our time is up.

      ...and don't be afraid of the dark....

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    9. SomeTotallyRandomMozFan
    10. Anonymous
      Dear Moz, paying your respects to a longtime fan, who helped pay your way in your dream life and then following that up with a non-sequitur (again about the media glamorizing shallow celebs) thereafter was hugely distasteful. It would be the same if your obit would carry an ad for McDonalds under it.

      There is time for all things, Moz, of course, but there is also time for you not be a brat, and there is also time for you to not throw another boring tirade about something we are all very aware of, and that time is when you are eulogizing someone. Someone with very bad ego problems would find a way to turn that heartfelt statement back to himself. What a shitty person you are.
    11. King Leer
      King Leer
      Apologies for butting in on this post, but I never did find out how Mel (Torment) passed away. Met her at a show in Japan when she lived here and corresponded occasionally. Always enjoyed her concert recaps.

      Sorry to hear another longtime fan has left us.

    12. andveganpancakes
      I think that what Morrissey says about suicide in general here is a fair and thoughtful viewpoint. But it's a fact that reading about suicide encourages emulation in people that may have been idealizing it beforehand.

      Anyone reading Morrissey's words here and considering that his statement would or could justify their own self-destructive actions--if you need someone to talk to about it--please private message me.
    13. Anonymous
    14. realitybites
      Suicide is not courageous. A better use of action would be to live well and long.

      His letter is irresponsible. How many of his mentally unstable, blind disciples will read this and decide to take their lives? If even one chooses this path, well... ah Morrissey will finally notice me. Morrissey will think I am a person of action.

      And then to wrap it up by mentioning V. Beckham and K. Middleton, unbelievable. A new low, Moz!
    15. sycophantic_slag
      My sincere thoughts and prayers for Margaret Dale's family and loved ones.
    16. Girlmostlikely
      I hate to even respond to this but...I think the last sentence was Morrissey's way of illustrating how oppressive and difficult this world can be to live in and how the meaningless is glorified. It seems that celebrity culture is one of the things that Morrissey truly hates about our world. I feel this was as sincere as the rest of his post.

      I am saddened about this news....prayers to the family and friends of Margaret.
    17. Jessikers
      I have mixed feelings about this message. On one hand, I think it's nice that Morrissey has acknowledged the life of one of his most ardent fans. On the other hand, seeing that this woman (who I have met and seen many times at concerts) was obviously obsessed and hyperfocused on Morrissey and spent thousands and thousands of dollars on traveling around and sleeping on the street to be in the front row, it makes sense that she decided to make this final scream for attention and acknowledgement from Morrissey- the final "trophy", so to speak. It seems a tad Jim Jones-ish of Morrissey to almost congratulate her on taking "action" to kill herself. If you haven't spent thousands of dollars and spent weeks sleeping on the sidewalk to see Morrissey, he probably won't acknowledge your passing. Also, once you're gone, you probably won't know he did. AND, life goes on and many more concerts and fun Morrissey events will happen after you die. The world keeps turning.
      Encouraging suicide and congratulating those who kill themselves is irresponsible. Please get counseling or call a suicide hotline if you feel the desire to end it.
    18. Harsh Truth
      Harsh Truth
      Well said.
    19. CrystalGeezer
      Perfect. We have never been more on the same page.

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