Manics want to meet Morrissey

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    Manics eye 'unobtainable' Morrissey meet-up - Digital Spy

    Manic Street Preachers have said that they would still love to meet up with Morrissey

    The band referenced the singer and his Smiths-era songwriting partner Johnny Marr in their track '1985' from the 2004 album Lifeblood.

    Speaking to BBC Radio 2, bassist Nicky Wire and frontman James Dean Bradfield revealed that they recently met three of their favourite '80s artists after speaking to Mike Scott of The Waterboys, Jim Kerr of Simple Minds and Ian McCulloch of Echo & The Bunnymen.

    Wire said: "There's only Morrissey left, because they were the four of our great icons of the '80s, really."

    Bradfield added: "The unobtainable Morrissey, probably."

    Wire responded: "You never know."
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    1. Anonymous
      ha! i don't think so after what nicky wire's said morrissey ('twisted old man' etc.). morrisey might be able to teach nicky a thing or two about sensitivity 'though, so it'd be good if they did hook up. no offence nicky, if yr reading this. all love xx dani
    2. Anonymous
      *said about morrissey
    3. Anonymous
      Yes but that was eons ago and Morrissey has said plenty of horrible things about other pop stars that he has said he regrets since then. For example what he said about Elton John. All can be forgiven.
    4. Anonymous
      Morrissey and the Manics, together... wow. :)
    5. Anonymous
      Ha, Morrissey has said some pretty choice things about the Manics too, so they're pretty much even on that score. Manics and Morrissey teaming up would be my dream come true!
    6. Anonymous
      A Morrissey/Manics collaboration would be wonderful!
    7. Anonymous
      manics should make morrisey cover a reggae song for an all round atonement fest. how about 'money is the root of all evil?' by horrace andy? xx d
    8. Anonymous
      'all can be forgiven'- well if you're a christian maybe! but i don't think any of them are. xx d
    9. Anonymous
      @morrissey- sorry to keep spelling your name wrong. i just don't ever write it out. i LOVE the smiths. sorry.
    10. Anonymous
      dedicated to all the brainwashed victims of colonialism and all bigots everywhere
    11. lvwilde
      What did Morrissey say about Elton John??? :cool:
    12. Anonymous
      don't know. can't be worse than what simon cowell just said about elton john - (sexist, homophobic and probably anti- semitic)- he's the real ENEMY. he's a soul vacccum.
    13. Anonymous
      vacuum- and nature abhors vacuums-
    14. Anonymous
      "Bring me the head of Elton John" and then he said that's one case where meat would not be murder. Elton John then said how much he liked Morrissey and Moz recanted swiftly!
    15. celibate
      Book a studio, cancel the gigs:lbf:

    16. Aleister
      A Morrissey/Manics collaboration would be wonderful! (2)

      YES YES YES :)
    17. Joker
      - Morrissey & The Manic Street Preachers -

      Sounds cool... ;)
    18. celibate
      crashing bore, maybe? during the gigs when he played that song, and asked before or after the song

      got a boot 2002 in Malmo where he was going in discussion after the song asking
      who is a crashing bore though when Elton got mentioned it's a bit unclear
      if he agrees, Morrissey sorta inmediately asked other names or got on

      lost agian

      ' and they say he's mentall'

    19. Anonymous
      I already posted what he said about Elton John. It's a few replies above. Doesn't anyone read here? That spelling is hilarious! I bet you get that a lot. So clever :)

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