Manic Street Preachers

Lol, I know you are wishing that really hard right now. Try to enjoy that wishful thinking as much as you can!
well, i guess we'll never know will we, doll?!

hey, skanks, do you think i should buy this too?! i feel like it's nicky wire-ish!!! plus r13 is so cool and normally so expensive this is a real steal. the thing is, if im going to buy that scarf i have to buy something else too, because the shipping cost is $50 to canada which is way too much for one scarf, so i have to buy something else to make it worth it. that's called being smart with your money!!

where are ya, skanks?! im counting on you to help me build my nicky wire wardrobe!!!

oh, i also bought this!!!

but i bought it a while back, like in december, and its being held up because of some cyber incident with the royal mail so who knows when ill get it! ho humm!
why does no one care?! my posts are the ONLY interesting thing posted in this forum of old bores and cranks for DAYS. you should all care and respond accordingly!!!!!
forget vivien leigh and laurence olivier, james joyce and nora, edward VIII and wallis simpson, i declare nicky and richey to be the greatest love story of the 20th century. they seemed to have a very special relationship, and id like to know more about the true nature of it. in one interview richey says something and nicky rubs his neck, which is a very sweet gestrue but not a typical behaviour in male friendships i dont think. i wish i had more insight into it.
i always loved this photo, even using it as my avatar at the serial killer forum i posted at years and years ago. i had no idea who was in it or where it came from, i had thought it was an old photo from the 60's. i just discovered it's nicky wire. but OF COURSE it is!!!!!!! it couldnt possibly be anyone else.

So, that's weird being on Zoom with friends and the subject of this thread pops in. Got pics too. I WAS told there would be a surprise. :lbf:
also, you should be glad for your sake that what you're saying is a gigantic fib, because nicky would be able to suss out straight away what an unlikeable lame-o you are, and that would be so embarassing for you.

ALSO, fyi, all the good people here cant wait until you're banned LOL



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