Mando Lopez - best surprise new addition to the songwriting team since Spencer Cobrin wrote Lost?

Maurice E Maher

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I've pretty much lost track of who's who in the Morrissey band since the Years of Refusal era. Boz and Jesse have obviously stayed in it, and I know there were some brothers, one of whom left.
Not even sure I'd heard of Mando Lopez before this new album came out but I'm guessing he's been the bass player for at least a couple of years.
He's only contributed two songs to the album ('Home is a Question Mark' and 'My Love...') but the former seems to be the album highlight according to many reviews, and the latter has also been singled out by most of the reviewers as a cracking piece of music.
Pretty impressive stuff really and, perhaps unfairly, you wouldn't normally expect a bass player to have these songwriting skills (although there are obviously plenty of famous bass-playing songwriters).
Anyone know much about him? Was he composing songs for others before joining the Morrissey band? If there is a batch of leftover songs from the album sessions that will come out at some point (as has recently been hinted at), would be intriguing to hear what else he's written.
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