Manchester - Manchester Arena (July 28, 2012) post-show

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Set List:

You Have Killed Me / Everyday Is Like Sunday / You're The One For Me, Fatty / How Soon Is Now? / I'm Throwing My Arms Around Paris / Ouija Board, Ouija Board / Maladjusted / Last Night I Dreamt That Somebody Loved Me / When Last I Spoke To Carol / People Are The Same Everywhere / I Know It's Over / To Give (The Reason I Live) / Black Cloud / Scandinavia / Meat Is Murder / Let Me Kiss You / Action Is My Middle Name / I Will See You In Far Off Places / Speedway / Please, Please, Please Let Me Get What I Want // Still Ill

set list provided by SimonM, Because. Order corrected by telegram-sam.

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I'm so glad that the reasonable people have appeared on this thread at last to defend the setlist, the timing, the band - everything. Lots of reasonable comments have been made, I don't need to repeat them. It was a wonderful night.


Odd comments here. Not flat at all, Morrissey very chatty, very happy, very up. Declaring his love for the crowd, pledging never to be further from us, even a stage invader (wearing a 'we hate will and kate' shirt just like the band' managing to traverse the big arena gap. Lots of fun.
Totally agree. People are fucking wierd. This was the chirpiest I've ever seen him. All the audience interraction and plenty of joshing around. This was NOT a flat show. People may have been in flat moods but that is a different matter entirely. I was in a foul mood cos I had shit seated tickets (never again, EVER) but even I ended up loving it. I'm not getting this 'middle of the set lost its way' thing either. If half of these folk hadn't bothered going I might have been in with a chance to get standing tickets.


Im heading tomorrow to Edinburgh, always nice to look at set lists prior to going to gigs that are on tour, that said Moz can be very unpredictable altho the basis of the set remains.....we will see.....

My general opinion tho is that its a mellow set mixed with some strange fillers throughout. A normal Moz set has a filler moment then bang bang bang till the end, this set seems to have fillers throughout not a fan of Maladjusted, When Last I Spoke To Carol, Black Cloud and Scandinavia.....thats usually one more than usual for me but there is three other new songs in there tho I seem to like them more than the previous ones mentioned......

The whole Manchester set is sombre tho with Still ill being the only real ball buster up tempo, as mentioned previously tho he has a back catalogue some would die for and thats just taking in post Smiths.......

First of the gang to die is a big miss for me, tho probably been in his sets for ages......

Still looking well forward to it tho........


From what I can tell, the negative review have come prodimently from those who were in the seats for last nights show. I was about 4 rows back from the front in the middle and I had an absolute fantastic time! Granted it was my first Morrissey show and a long time in the waiting as well may I add. I made the pilgrimage up to Manchester to catch Moz and I am so glad that I did. For me personally the set was fantastic, I still would have liked to have seen the likes of Alma Matters, There Is A Light, Hairdresser On Fire, Suedehead and Rubber Ring but even I know that the chances of seeing some of those has pretty much hit zero in recent times and I am ok with that. I thought the sound was pretty good and I thought that Moz's voice was on excellent form! There of course was the infamous Morrissey 'banter' which I thought went down excellently even if it pushed a few buttons of those around me.
Overall we got a set with Please, Please, Please Let Me Get What I Want, I Know It's Over, Last Night I Dreamt That Somebody Loved Me and Still Ill and I don't see how anyone can complain about that, but that may be just me?


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i went to the gig but was frightened ,,when the support singer came on it wasnt very good and was all out of tune and flat,,i did like her version of two little boys though that was good ...i also liked it when i could smell a very slight smell of petrol during her set,,,,,i was pleased with the moving pictures of sparks ,,tha tpleased me that did,,,sadly though there was a very fat woman who looked like a bear in the row in front of me ..this was row d in section 204....she was very animated and blocked my view,,,after about 20 minutes i considered pushing the fat bear woman over the edge of the balcony ..she was with a bearded thin man who looked like a desperate tramp ...the woman /bear kept being happy with every new song and with her happiness my loathing of humanity grew...i did make a small attempt to kick her in the back but my wife stopped the end of the gig i realised that it was a bear dressed as a woman not the other way round....MORRISSEYwas good at singing and i liked it when he put his head in the drum ,i though tthat was very brave,,,when he gave the mike to the audience i though tthey wasted a chance ,,,i wouldve said "hello everyone i am selling a microwave oven for forty pound sif anyone is interested se eme after the show"....when the gig ended i rushed off stage and saw a glimpse of morrissey in the dressing room and he was just filling in a colouring book of sesame street characters and i noticed he had done a really good job of ernie and bert and only had gone over the line one....i look forward to hearing him sing another song sometime...jason t richardson
A post off genius please come to the forums and tell us more, what make is the microwave?


Well, I quite enjoyed myself. He seemed quite chatty and happy, and I like the fact that he sang Still Ill, as that's one of my faves.
Couldn't make out what was on the gang's t shirts though, can someone who was at the front of the mosh pit fill us in?
It was the longest concert he has done actually that I have been to, and I have been to quite a few... They also threw lots of people off guard starting well before 9pm!
Erm, was it Boz dressed in woman's attire? Referred to by Moz as 'Gaynor Tension' ??
Im a happy bunny, even though my ears are shot and me back is fecked...

Much luv to all Mozites...

Harpurhey Harlot x

We hate William and Kate t-shirts were worn by the band, all bar Boz.

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Anyone know what happened to the shirt that he threw during LMKY? Did it get ripped to shreds by the baying mob who were fighting over it? Any of them end up in hospital?
How ironic that Moz slags off Britain for occupying Northern Ireland and yet displays the flag of a country that is condemned by just about every civilised country in the world for illegally occupying Palestinian territory and allowing settlers to build homes there. He really has lost it!
Sick of reading comments like this. Not all of Israel is politicized and Tel Aviv itself is mostly bursting with young, trendy liberals. Moz isn't making any political statement by playing there, he recently played Turkey too if you haven't forgotten.


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Although I feel like the Meat is Murder video is completely appropriate for the song, it frustrates me how Morrissey can have the audacity to be 'merely' vegetarian when it shows clips of dairy cows and egg-laying chickens being tortured.
Totally agree, in fact one wise concert goer shouted "GO VEGAN!" in the quiet portion of the song. Got a few cheers from those who understand that a video like that isn't intended to promote vegetarianism, rather it is there to show how animal products and therefore the suffering depicted is entirely unnecessary.

To be fair to Morrissey, he mentioned giving up eggs recently and with all the pleather references he might be walking the talk by the time he hits 60.

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I really enjoyed the performance, just a bit daft not to use the video screens in a venue that size. I must have seen 15 gigs there (including Morrissey in 2004) and I've never known them not use screens before.

I was happy with the setlist, there are always favourites missing but I like how different it's been each time I've seen him. Maladjusted has to be my highlight, always loved that one. Really enjoyed Speedway too, don't know what people felt went wrong there but I didn't spot any mistakes.


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From what I can tell, the negative review have come prodimently from those who were in the seats for last nights show
I was in the seats and had an amazing time nonetheless. Wish I was one block along though as they seemed more into it. I was standing the whole time, seemingly much to the frustration of the couple who chose to sit behind me. I don't get how people can go to such a gig and sit there motionless, offering only a smuttering of applause after each song. Also I hope the guy in front of my got some good videos, because he spent his whole time staring at the screen on his camera as he recorded.

My main problem was with the organisation of the staff at the arena, they seemed clueless and disorganised compared to venues in london. Loved that the barrier was still in touching distance of the stage which is a rare thing nowadays.

For people that are saying this was the worst Morrissey gig they've been to, I think in the last year or so he's upped his live performances. I thought he was awful in 2009 on the tour of refusal tour. He seems to put in a lot more effort now, and seems more thankful and appreciating of the fans. His voice is in better shape and he seems to have got slimmer (something I think he's proud of given he didn't sprint off before the shirt had even landed in the crowd)

As for the unreleased songs, I think he needs to get them recorded and out there, even if by free download via true-to-you for a short time. I think this would make them alittle more appreciated, and hopefully change my opinion on Scandanavia.

Anyone on here manage to get any of the shirt? And is it just me or is drag much more flattering for Boz? Maybe his reason for it?
The shirt landed partly on top of me and I ended up on the floor in the fight for it, one guy was being really aggressive and telling everyone 'let go you c*nt'. Ended up reluctantly giving up after about 5 minutes, doubt I'll ever get so close again.

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I Like You - Precisely the reason I'm glad it didn't land on top of me. If he'd thrown the shirt a few metres to his right it would've landed on me and I wasn't up for getting my head kicked in. It looked like mayhem from where I was stood.


I am extremely happy that the injured back played so well.
The physiotherapy have done miracles to a sore back of the bassist player.
Long live the discrimination on those who do not deserve the respect of the British childish.
The weight of the pounds have strange but harsh designations...

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