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    Manchester date -

    Morrissey's only UK concert of 2012 will be at Manchester Arena on Saturday 28 July. Tickets will be onsale at 9 AM on Friday 27 April.

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Discussion in 'Tour archive (read-only)' started by MORRIZSEY, Apr 8, 2012.

    1. Shipwrecked Escapologist
      Shipwrecked Escapologist
      According to the Arena website tickets are £35 and £45 although it doesn't detail what prices are where. With fees though the £45 tickets could easily creep to £50 for sure.

      Do we still get the standard 1hr 10 mins for that ?!!
    2. Vineland76
      Last time I was at the Manchester Arena it was all seated, but I see on that there are both standing and seated tickets. Does that mean that all the flat area (blocks A to G) is standing? Does that work in such a large space?
    3. Grahamchard
      the floor area is often standing for gigs
    4. mozsupportsrovers
      By putting prices so high has Moz/promoters(who sets the price?) just put off a lot of potential customers from going? A lot of casual fans would have probably paid £32 (usual price) to see him at the arena but I'm sure a lot will be put off by these prices, unless they are planning on sitting anyway.

      Hope for this money we will be treated to a better opening act and like someone has said a longer set maybe?

      Or unless Moz is going all out and having backing dancers, musical medleys and extreme lighting shows? Maye he's going to fly out on a zip wire over the audience whilst singing fantastic bird?
    5. Anonymous
      Yes, there'll be a large standing area - e.g. The Coruteeners there last year -
    6. herge65
      A bit steep for me. Especially as even standing you could be way back. Was set to go but think I'll skip this one and wait for some smaller venues.
    7. joe frady
      joe frady
      Hell, maybe we'll get another commemorative lanyard. Or a wee bag of big badges. Here's hopin' :thumb:
    8. stu444
      I'll definitely be going to this show.

      I can't see it being anything special though. I think the reason for the high ticket price is that this is a one off show not part of a uk tour, therefore this show has to pay for all the equipment/crew/band to be shipped over from the previous date in Turkey rather than a UK town.
    9. ksenalex
      im definetly going... anyone knows how many hours earlier should i go in order to be in the first rows at the arena?? (doors open at 19:30 i think)
    10. Esme Lennox
      Esme Lennox
      For the first time since the "Kill Uncle" tour I won't be able to make a Morrissey show. At £51 I have been priced out of attending. I know that the die-hards will be there and I salute them for their indefatigability. Sadly though it seems to me that Morrissey is completely out of touch with the lives of the very people he once documented so beautifully...the poor and the needy. Britain has just entered its first double-dip recession since the bleak, grey days of the 1970's. Unemployment is climbing month on month and youth unemployment is at its highest rate for decades. Public sector workers are facing cuts/freezes to pay, private sector workers face uncertainty over their employment...under these conditions charging £51 for a concert ticket seems, to me at least, excessive. I'm really disappointed, the last show at this venue in 2004 was ace but when you factor in travel from the South, accommodation and food this concert would exceed two hundred squids. Hopefully the usual glut of smaller UK dates will follow but in my heart I think that this may well be his last ever tour (although I've thought that since 1991!).
    11. Anonymous
      £51 is too much for me and i have seen him 15 times. For that I would expect way more than 1 hr 15 min and doll and kicks or some other average band warming up.

      Ridiculous. I hope that the touts buy loads, realise that it wont sell out which it wont and tickets can then be had on viagogo for £20 closer to the time. I have just picked up Happy Mondays/Inspiral Carpet tickets for £23 each from there including all booking fees. The seller was an ebay ticket shop by the looks of it. ticket price was £14 of that £23.
    12. Anonymous
      Look forward to Moz doing cartwheels and throwing hundreds of Gucci shirts into the crowd. That should cover the ridiculous booking fee alone!

      Whatever happens, make sure you get your tickets at 9am on Friday because if you don't they'll all be on Seatwave and Get Me In for 3 times the price.
    13. Anonymous
      Does anyone have an idea of which price is for which ticket type? Is it £45 for standing and £35 for seated, or vice versa?
    14. jm26
      The minimum it was gonna be, as with all recent UK tours, was £35-£40. If you were gonna be spending however much on travel, hotels etc., it seems a bit bizarre to not go for the sake of an extra tenner! But each to to their own.

      That's not to say I don't think £50 is steep; it's ridiculous. But all gig tickets are these days. Radiohead at the MEN is over £70. Kings of fucking Leon charged £70. It's outrageous, but such is life.
    15. Grahamchard
      no presale link yet then ?????????????????????????
    16. Anonymous
      £45 standing and better seats. £35 for the kind of seats that you'd perhaps prefer not to have.
    17. Esme Lennox
      Esme Lennox
      I think you are right up to a point. My "problem" (if it is a problem) is that £35 inclusive of booking fee is about my limit (not that I couldn't afford an extra tenner...but I just don't want to). I haven't ever spent more than that on a concert ticket...maybe a couple of pounds more for a handling fee. I'm going to see Dexys in a few weeks and that ticket was less than £30 in a much more intimate venue with the promise of a new album played in its entirety (before release) and another set of classics. Maybe the unthinkable has happened and I've finally lost interest? I've seen it happen in other peoples it's maybe happening in mine? If there was going to be something unique...a really great support act say or an appearance from Johnny...then I would have been much more likely to part with the amount being asked and more. Bang for your buck. A bit of me thinks I've now seen everything I'm ever going to see from a Morrissey appearance...the prospect of a Frankie Valli cover isn't enough. The true devoted will be there...I guess that's just not me anymore. I do also think that there is an issue here about the morality of an artist like Morrissey (and heaven knows that's what he is) making great play of his politics, including left-wing sentiments like "the poor and the needy are selfish and greedy..." while standing to bring in £900,000 from ticket sales alone on one concert. Bah, I'm being grumpy and curmudgeonly (remind us of anyone!)...maybe I should just stump up and go!
    18. Anonymous
      Prices up on ticketmaster site -

      Standing -
      £51.50 (£45.00 Ticket + £6.50 Fees)

      Seating, two price bands -

      £40.50 (£35.00 Ticket + £5.50 Fees)
      Limited Availability at this Price


      £51.50 (£45.00 Ticket + £6.50 Fees)
    19. Bluebirds
      50 quid? Fucking hell. I'm expecting midget dancing and a live sex show thrown in for that. Plus a back massage for good measure.
    20. Anonymous
      I consider £50 a bargain. I'm prepared to pay several hundred pounds to see the great man performing in his home town. I'm looking forward to it already!

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