Manchester Date Added, Manchester Arena, Saturday 28 July - TTY Update

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By MORRIZSEY on Apr 8, 2012 at 5:06 PM

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    Dec 6, 2008
    Manchester date -

    Morrissey's only UK concert of 2012 will be at Manchester Arena on Saturday 28 July. Tickets will be onsale at 9 AM on Friday 27 April.

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Discussion in 'Tour archive (read-only)' started by MORRIZSEY, Apr 8, 2012.

    1. Anonymous
      I will not be buying a ticket due to lack of excitment at listening to the same old same old and his stupidity, i,e, dressing the band antics and stupid comments he's been coming out with.

      Oh Manchester!!! Has nothing to answer for this fool anymore!!!!!!!!
    2. Anonymous
      He doesn't need a reason, he can play exactly where he likes. New York has been spectacularly well served for Morrissey gigs over the years, with 2 seperate 5 night runs, so you have little to complain about
    3. lindsey1151
      New York really needs a Morrissey gig!
    4. Anonymous
      No you and a few thousand others want a New York gig, the rest of New Yprk will get by perfectly fine without one
    5. Anonymous
      Hey, could you guys please help me out.

      I'm from Australia but will be over in the UK in July, and really keen to grab tickets to the Manchester gig.
      1. Where can I buy the tickets from online?
      2. Says they go on sale 9am 27th April, is this 9am English time?

    6. sistasheila
      normally its either or
      at ticketmaster you need an account ,at seetickets you dont.
      you have to have a credit card or a debit card ..would look at both sites if your card is accepted there.
      yes its english time .you need to look up what will be the time then in australia.
    7. Anonymous
      Thanks so much.

      Is it likely to sell out?/Sell out pretty quickly?
      Just looked at the time difference and I'll be at work at that time.
    8. petrina
      sell your soul !!!!!!!!
    9. Mozfox
      Hey guys! Newbie here, just seen that this date has been added, i HAVE to go. Never seen Morrissey live and I have to go sometime or my life will not be complete. Does anyone know how fast the tickets will sell? And i read on this thread that £35 per ticket is likely to be the price, does that sound right to people? Cheers guys, appreciate any help.
    10. Anonymous
      Ello mate yeah that sounds about right (paid that last year) my first time seeing him then and he was stunning. MUCH bette than videos and Glastonbury etc. do it!
    11. Anonymous
      Where are you from? I live in Moston and have for 30 years. There are hundreds and hundreds more United fans in Manchester.....dont believe the myth.
    12. sistasheila
      aaaw,youre sweet-you are very welcome.
      i just look up the poster. its ,not see tickets but as far as i
      remember gigs belong to the seetickes comany. its a big venue i dont think so,
      even if its the only UK concert (yet.) but i can be mistaken and thanks to the touts it might be
      going away quickly dont buy from the touts too quickly if you missed out
      some kind fan will sell either here or on Fb or even at the venue for a much lower price
      (face value)and the prices from the touts will fall as time goes on.
      I think the standing tixs might be harder to get for a long time and you get offered some
      seating place soon. look at the seating planbefore you click on agree,
      make your account at Tm befor the saleday,saves time. when already
      logged in then.
      well either you can secetly go online at work but when youre knwoing its strictly forbidden and you risk getting serious trouble ,ask your wife , boyfriend or any close friend who you absolutely trust giving your card details and doing it at that aproxx time.
      So happy when i heard the news hope its as good as the st georges hall concert last year it was amazing. Never been to this venue and i have heard a few horror stories but still hope it will be good thats saying i can get a standing ticket does anyone know if there is a maximum number per person as we all know what those pesky touts are like?:D
    14. Alma Mozzers
      Alma Mozzers
      Is there someone willing to "share some greased tea" presale ticket information for the Manchester show July 28th, 2012 "with me"?
    15. Because
      Tickets are £51.50 on TM, £49.50 on G&T
    16. Etc
    17. Anonymous
      Strangely, Seatwave are already listing them for sale:

      But then Seatwave was recently the subject of an undercover investigation by a British current affairs TV show which exposed them as not being a true fan-to-fan resale site (as they claim) but that they do deals with promoters to get blocks of tickets allocated to sell at a massive premium, splitting the profits with the promoter.
    18. Ben Budd
      Ben Budd
      hahaha. defo not getting them now!
    19. Grahamchard
      expensive and hate the MEN too big but ah well if any pre sale link I may be tempted
    20. Dave2006
      Sometimes it feels like all I do is come on to Solo and moan about Morrissey...

      But £50 to see Moz at the MEN is a joke. There are lots of artists who perform at the MEN and charge £50, but you expect a massive stage show, elaborate set, light show pyrotechnics etc... What we get with Moz is a second rate warm up act, a video show that he's been showing for years and we might be lucky and see a new backdrop... What do I want for £50? Support from the Halle orchestra, a backing choir, guest appearance from an old friend...

      Will I bother going? You bet :thumb: I'll be on Ticket Master from 8.50 on Friday, pressing F5 every few seconds :)


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