Manchester Date Added, Manchester Arena, Saturday 28 July - TTY Update

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By MORRIZSEY on Apr 8, 2012 at 5:06 PM

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    Dec 6, 2008
    Manchester date -

    Morrissey's only UK concert of 2012 will be at Manchester Arena on Saturday 28 July. Tickets will be onsale at 9 AM on Friday 27 April.

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Discussion in 'Tour archive (read-only)' started by MORRIZSEY, Apr 8, 2012.

    1. goinghome
      Yes, either



      or anywhere in the vicinity. :guitar:
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    2. fatboz
      brilliant. maybe he felt sorry for City, since they just lost the league title yesterday. I mean do people in manchester really like united? i just see a bunch of dumb americans and out of towners
    3. Anonymous
      Well yeah some like united like there are who are outside Manchester, but most are Man City fans than united in Manchester...
    4. Anonymous
      He's a drama queen who wouldn't miss a chance to announce a farewell/retirement gig/tour a la Sinatra et al. But hey, don't let this obvious fact detract from all the misery on here, all the saddoes actively wishing he'd retire.
    5. Anonymous
      I've seen him over the last decade a few times and love the guy, but his setlist is fairly static these days. I'm not a hater so don't bombard me with 'WAAAH IF YOU DON'T LIKE HIM DON'T GO'! I do like him. I just like a bit of variation. I'd go in a second if he announced a curve ball - like in support of the Viva Hate reissue he was going to perform that in full, coupled with the usual numbers he likes. Or Vauxhall. A Strangeways night! Or even numbers from Quarry, Ringleader or Years that don't get an airing. Something different. A Marr included one night only affair. An acoustic night. Anything

      I love the man but I think we all now even now pretty much what 15 - 17 of the tracklisting will be. I'm not really interested in laying down £40 to go and hear First of the bleeding Gang once more. The M.E.N night on his birthday in 2004 ish, I was at that and that was excellent so the venue itself isn't really an issue although agreed the Apollo would be better. The best gigs I've seen him at was in Birmingham in 2002 ish and an impromptu gig in New York when I just happened to be on holiday there around 2007. Seriously the Brum gig - excellent EXCELLENT night and my first Moz gig after getting into the Smiths around 2000. He shook my hand and it was truely special and I'm not typically starstruck.

      Anyway I digress. May pony up for a ticket - the aftershows in Manc are usually worth it alone with the people you meet.
    6. Anonymous
      I've seen a couple of places saying tickets go on sale on the 13th (this Friday), but it is the 27th right? I may not get a ticket but I'm going to bloody try!
    7. celibate
      old trafford is united , where plays city?
    8. Anonymous
      At the philips stadium! :)
    9. Stanley the 2nd
      Stanley the 2nd
      I agree 100%. I've been going to Moz gigs since 1995 and they have gone downhill fast since his 2002 tour I would say. Alain Whyte leaving the band was a HUGE loss. I was quite interested to read about the Manchester show and the Italy shows but then realised that I wouldn't really enjoy them! I'd only go if I hadn't seen him live before as it is an experience but to those weather beaten fans like me I have no desire to watch the current offering.
    10. Uncleskinny
      Remember folks, the OFFICIAL Morrissey facebook page have reasserted that this is the one and only UK date this year.


    11. Anonymous
      I just can't get excited by it anymore. The announcement of a tour used to make me tingle with impatient excitement and I would always get tickets for standing to be at the front. It's all in the past for me now.
    12. Anonymous
      City do not play they try when they are not fighting each other over who will take the free kick.
    13. Anonymous
      Well yea, its just been copyed and pasted from true to you...
    14. kyleleonard
      Bullpoop. Next you'll be telling us Citeh fill their stadium every game, which they never do.

      United have more fans than City in Manchester, and it's a fact. I'll let you have Stockport, though, little Anon.
    15. Anonymous
      I appreciate those who have "lost the faith" but seeing Morrissey in Manchester is always special. In my eyes.

      Whats with this anonymous forum posting by the way? When was it introduced?
    16. Richey
      I doubt it will be the only UK date. Even if it is I doubt I will go to be honest. Not really keen on massive venues and the cost is bound to be massive (tickets+train+hotel)

      No doubt as it draws closer I will have a change of heart though. That's normally the way!
    17. Ryan
      How about one in Australia for the first time since 2002?

      Waiting, waiting.
    18. Anonymous
      Morrissey...Eastern US beckons...There are more vegetarians in New York City than any other in the Western World, and we do not kill baby seals here, either. I propose a date at the Brooklyn Academy of Music. A gorgeous hall, fit for our man. What's the hang up? Ticketing? Rents on venues too high? The ongoing struggle to get proper "representation"? Record deal? Then what!?!?!? I NEED MORRISSEY CLOSE TO HOME. Pleeeeaaaaasssseeee?!? You cannot possible ignore us here while you make dates elsewhere. Tell me those gigs out West and that odd date in Chicago were not all we are going to get stateside.
      Good luck on Manchester. Travelled from NYC to Manchester to see Morrissey play the MOVE Festival in 2004. Made the pilgrimage by myself. Was a truly religious experience. Good for you lot over there. Now, please come and pay us a visit over here.
    19. Anonymous
      I'm with you, from over here in the US, and a native New Yorker. But, boy did the Sky Blues blow it. Better off without Tevez, perhaps?
    20. Anonymous
      The night of the MOVE festival was a truly amazing night..that was the last ime I travelled to manchester..just debating whether to do it again..

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