Manchester Date Added, Manchester Arena, Saturday 28 July - TTY Update

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    Dec 6, 2008
    Manchester date -

    Morrissey's only UK concert of 2012 will be at Manchester Arena on Saturday 28 July. Tickets will be onsale at 9 AM on Friday 27 April.

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Discussion in 'Tour archive (read-only)' started by MORRIZSEY, Apr 8, 2012.

    1. Anonymous
      City till I die
      JJ ;)
    2. Anonymous
      GMEX would have been better, holds 9,000 to the Apollo's 3,500
    3. Anonymous
      Unlike anybody else...

      They have a screen.
    4. Anonymous
      It's the end....
      I was waiting for the first person to raise that speculation.
      It's a possibility, the final chapter in his autobiography etc. I think it unlikely, there are no particular signs, but until he announces a date beyond July we can't really argue
    6. schweinsteiger
      couldn't care less whether he looks like an ant! I need my fix. Whats the capacity?
    7. lindsey1151
    8. AnthonyBrazil
      Does anybody know about the picture? Maybe somewhere in South America?
    9. CrystalGeezer
      Bwaaaaahahahah. :tears: Look how big that place is. Mental Security is going to be a nightmare. :(
    10. Dave2006
      Fantastic news. On the 20th anniversary of the release of Your Arsenal (in the USA it was 28th July 1992, in the UK the 27th) I expect nothing less than a complete recital from start to finish.

      Someone asked about the photo used - it is the same shot used for the Hawaii show - in one of the threads there is a good quality version, I think someone said it was taken in LA.

      (A very excited) Dave
    11. Dave2006
      It is the same venue used for the 'Who put the M' DVD (used to be the MEN arena, now the Manchester Arena). So security won't be a prob (unless, of course, you were planning an invasion of the stage :) ).

      I saw Elbow play there last year, they used a cat walk that came right out into the crowd, the band played a full song stood around a piano the the very end of the cat walk, made it feel like a tiny intimate venue, even thought there were thousands of people there :)

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    12. celibate
      Thinking about this ongoing tour, Morrissey with no faith or what to
      go for a recorddeal, this can be the end as Morrissey on stage, with
      his bio as his last word


      stop when gigs still sell out weeeks before actual gig, is more likely
      the man looks good, but is no 18, that's a point also

      Morrissey want a peacefull live and rest and have memories of fame
      and end as a Legend
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    13. celibate
      It would be the news of the world if Johnny joins for a song [or 2] on stage,with his own
      Fender named guitar, and play Smiths song along

      [one can only dream, as if...]
    14. billy scissors
      billy scissors
      That's just wishful thinking,Dave.

      Its time he did Huddersfield Town Hall btw.
    15. Thesmithsmorrissey
      The King of Mozness has a good thing going here, especially if he can sell out GMEX or post good overall attendance

      he doesn't need a record deal when it's obvious he's still in very high regard on the touring side of things. He can just continue to tour and pull revenue that way, maybe playing some new songs here and there to keep his setlist current, all the while keeping himself in the public light
    16. Anonymous
      got to honest here, i ve been following moz around the world/europe, on average tickets have been around £50, with them saying one uk date and that they go on sale in a couple of weeks i reckon £50 also, i wont be surprised though, after we sell it out, they announce more uk dates, who knows, its all hush hush
    17. helen661
      Manchester! Great news, Not a lover of the Manchester arena though, saw loads of bands there, not quite the same as being in the Apollo, a cosy little place, snug and intimate.....a couple of nights at the Apollo would have been mint, anyway I'm not complaining I'll take Morrissey absolutely anywhere at the mo, didn't get to see him at all last year...just hope its not going to be a mare getting tickets ... my fingers are crossed :guitar:
      Now reported in the Manchester Evening News

      Note the comments below the article, all negative so far
    19. Anonymous
      Oh, a fellow Huddersfieldian?

      Up the TOWN!
    20. Death Disco
      Death Disco
      Who cares what a few sarcastic little losers on a website say?

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