Manchester 2020


Five course meal and intercourse, what's not to like?

I'm in!

He's now at the age where crooners play before seated people dining at some expensive place. Ballroom gigs with dress code and white table cloths.

The only thing close to someone storming the stage is the waitress popping a bottle of champagne and the people applaud and go aaaaaaaaahhhhhhhh.

Yes Moz fans we are old and about to die soon. FWD will never gain entry to these gigs cause although he already looks like a penguin it doesn't qualify as a tuxedo.

He might as well shoot some pictures in Toledo.
Best. Promoter. Ever.


Those 5 people following them on Instagram must feel real lucky...
One born every minute.
if its real people better start saving now,tickets will be expensive,i will go £150 but probably more.
the poster should have said five course vegetarian meal.definitely a wind up.
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