Man says homophobic security guard slammed his head into a seat during a Morrissey show in Portland

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    Man Says Homophobic Security Guard Slammed His Head Into a Seat During a Morrissey Show in Portland - Willamette Week
    Man held hands with his male partner and rested his head on his shoulder at Arlene Schnitzer Concert Hall.

    By Jayce Wagner for Willamette Week.

    A Portland man is suing two event organizers a year after he was allegedly assaulted during a Morrissey concert by a security guard who objected to seeing him holding hands and resting his head on his male partner's shoulder.

    (NB: Maldonado = Vincenzo Maldonado)

    "The suit says Maldonado and his partner were just two of many people who got up and moved closer to the stage. However, the lawsuit alleges Maldonado and his partner, another man, were singled out by a security guard. The guard approached Maldonado and his partner and asked them to return to their seats.

    It was at that time, the lawsuit claims, another concertgoer saw this and indicated that the two seats beside her were unclaimed. Maldonado says he and his partner occupied those seats, but remained standing.

    As the next song started, Maldonado says he held hands with his partner and rested his head on his partner's shoulder, and the security guard came back. This time, the lawsuit alleges, the security guard called Maldonado a "maricon", a Spanish-language anti-gay slur, and demanded he and his partner leave the venue at once.

    Before Maldonado could respond, he alleges the security guard grabbed him by the shirt and slammed his head into seat in front of him, breaking his nose. Maldonado lost consciousness, and started bleeding, the lawsuit alleges—and says the security guard offered no assistance."

    Unusual little article highlighting a fan's legal suit.
    Anyone in attendance see this happen?
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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Famous when dead, Oct 12, 2018.

    1. Anonymous
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    2. Try Anything Twice
      Try Anything Twice
      As our resident Oregonian, I’m hoping G23 will be weighing in soon.
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    3. Tammy Waynette
      Tammy Waynette
      In 2007, at the gig in Knoxville, Tn, I climbed on stage with Moz. I was on my belly, shaking Morrissey's hand when a member Morrissey's own touring security (I won't mention his name, but I'll say that it wasn't Arturo) lifted me up and said, "get the fuck up, queer." I was completely shocked. You're working security for a homosexual (I know some will say it's debatable) artist and you have the nerve to say that?!?!?!
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    4. Tom Tom Club
      Tom Tom Club
      This is really terrible what happened to you. This must of caused so much trauma in your life. The security man sounds like he is a real bully. I know that 2007 is quite a long time ago now but I know that trauma can last for years well after the initial incident for instance people can get Post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD).

      From what I understand bullying is about a power imbalance. They want to have power and control over others. They can also come across as entitled. They lack empathy and compassion for others. They don't seem to show remorse when they hurt people. There is also the issue of superiority. They want to feel superior to others and they put others down. They don't seem to have any scruples, they are uncouth and they don't seem to have a conscience.

      It isn't actually clear what Morrissey's sexuality is but it is possible that he might be bisexual. Morrissey was brought up as a Roman Catholic.

      Anne Marie Waters is openly a lesbian in a civil partnership, she is a vegan and she practices a form of Eastern meditation. Anne Marie Waters was brought up a Christian (possibly a Roman Catholic?) and she still holds to some Christian morals and values.

      I think that Styxhexenhammer666 ('Styx') might be bisexual but I'm not totally sure about that though? Styx used to be a Christian but then he went to the extreme of becoming a Satanist and now he is a Pagan. I pray that he goes back to his original Christian beliefs and faith.

      Douglas Murray is openly gay but he is also a 'social' and 'cultural' Christian of sorts. He might come from a Christian background? This is taken from Douglas Murray's Wikipedia page: "Douglas Murray is an atheist, having previously been a practising Anglican until his twenties, but he has described himself variously as a cultural Christian and a Christian 'atheist'?, and he believes that Christianity is an important influence on British and European culture. Douglas Murray is openly gay."

      One of the things I like about Morrissey is that he isn't prejudice about homosexuals. Morrissey is a fan of Oscar Wilde who was perhaps a homosexual or was maybe bisexual? There might be other writers and artists that Morrissey likes that are homosexual or maybe bisexual.

      I haven't personally had any problems at Morrissey's concerts/gigs. I have had only positive experiences. I have only been able to go to one of Morrissey's concerts so far though and I went on my own.

      I'm female, heterosexual (straight) and I'm a Christian. I would rather spend time with nice gay men than hard, aggressive, macho straight men like this security man. I'm aware that it says that homosexuality is a sin according to the Holy Bible. But I feel that it is important to love the sinner but hate the sin. I have sinned myself. We have all sinned against God and against our fellow man in various ways and we all fall short of the glory of God. I believe that only Lord Jesus Christ is pure and spotless.
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    5. NealCassidy
      Is this anything to do with the artist known as Morrissey
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    6. gordyboy9
      bit silly to say he offered no assistance,if you break someones nose you are hardly likely to take this person to the toilet and clean him and bouncers in clubs really are just organised gangs and can do pretty much whatever they like.
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    7. Anonymous
      I think that these type of men are unfortunately above the law whether they are security guards, bouncers or bodyguards. They often work or hang out in nightclubs, music venues and casinos and work on behalf of VIPs. I'm guessing that they are a form of gangster if they are part of organised gangs. You can get gangster style managers in the music industry as well. They are often frightening and intimidating. I don't think that they would take people to first aid or to a hospital A&E department if they hurt them. I don't think that they would apologise to the people they hurt or send them flowers or a nice greeting card wishing them well. I don't think that even the police, the fire brigade or the armed forces can do anything about them.
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    8. Anonymous
      No one is surprised that silly Portland is making a fool of itself again. Owen Shroyer on Infowars keeps bashing the place and the people a lot for a reason.
      Nuke Portland, Trump, the place is the root of all american antifa problems.
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    9. Anonymous
      Did this happen in Portland, Oregon? I would say that Manchester, England is a far worse place than anywhere in America. There is a very left-wing almost oppressive Communist element to the culture in Manchester. Manchester, England is a very rough place. I totally understand why Morrissey cancelled his concert there. Apparently, there was a threat from Antifa operating in the Manchester area they might of tried to disrupt Morrissey's concert. Also within the Islamic community there is a real hostility and hatred towards the gay community they seem to view being gay as evil. There has been a gay community in Manchester for many years centered around Canal Street but it isn't the same as it used to be. Katie Hopkins has talked about how things are better in America. I think that Johnny Marr spends time in Portland, Oregon.

      I never thought of what happened to this poor man in Portland, Oregon as being political or about religion. It just seemed to be about one really nasty, cruel security guy who assaulted him. It is almost like he didn't view him as a human being that he is worthless. Security men seem to act like bullies, thugs and gangsters it must be about power for them. You have made me think more deeply about this. There maybe more to what happened.
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    10. Anonymous
      Manchester is a commie hell hole if you believe the hype but scratch the surface and find something else. Met more right wing people than anywhere in England.
      I only went to anal treat once.

      I have tried to be funny with my anti gay slurs and banter before and I'd like to take this opportunity to say sorry about that and say that only weak people attack others over their sexuality.

      But Portland needs to be dealt with and Trump will clear up that gutter soon. I'd urge him to use military force and to actually execute leading terrorists there for the good of the country and the world.
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    11. Anonymous
      I was in the front standing section at that show. The venue was very small but had staunch security (not Morrissey's people). They were being quite strict about people who did not have front of stage standing tickets remaining in their assigned section and at least in front of their seat if they wanted to stand. They weren't allowing anyone to move forward except for those of us with the proper tickets. I saw a few people behind me being told in no uncertain terms to stay where they belonged.

      I saw no violence or threats of violence, but I was looking mostly at Morrissey in front of me, of course, and not at what was going on behind me. Still, a kerfuffle of this sort seems like it would've been noticible.

      It was strange though, that there was no shirt toss at the end of the show. That usually means that Moz wasn't happy with the evening. Perhaps he saw something we in the crowd didn't? Or perhaps it was just his displeasure with the unenthusiastic Portland crowd. I dunno.
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    12. Anonymous
      Fake news then and I had that figured out early on. Moz is subject to the Trump treatment and they will dish out a lot of this ahead of the tour.
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    13. Anonymous
      Morrissey is subject to the evil truth treatment of publishing the exact words that he stated. We've heard the tapes.

      We know he blamed a fourteen year old boy for being sexually assaulted by an adult. That's a fact, and it can't be retracted. Nothing like brushing off a little Greek Love.

      He then stated a bunch of fake conspiracy news; the likes of which you might hear from Alex Jones, or some other cartoon alt-right character. It's the kind of stuff people who want certain things to be true never bother to fact check.

      Morrissey's always been a bit small minded, and it clearly carries over to his crew.

      As a gay man, he's never once stood up for gay rights. It would destroy his carefully cultivated snowflake status. He won't describe himself as vegan. He's not bi-sexual, or homosexual, but human-sexual. He's not left, or right but still pushes an easily slotted agenda. His last name is his first name.

      He's an androgynous Earth angel plucked from the ether.

      He adorns himself with badges that place him outside of the mainstream, until those things become more acceptable in mainstream society; such as Feminism. He places animal life above human life, even if it means someone's child has to die. In other words, he's your standard Schizoid personality.

      I'm now convinced Morrissey would start eating meat if everyone else stopped.
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    14. Anonymous
      I've heard so many bad stories about Arturo that if even a fraction of them were true, the guy is a well crafted scumbag.

      I can't believe he worked for Morrissey for so long. Morrissey doesn't seem to care what the security does at this point.
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    15. AztecCamera
      Fek blikey blinders wacker blood hell mate. How much more does it take for you wackos to realize Steve is not gay. How many more years is this going to go on mate inn n nn n n n it. Dude will be 60 next month. His personal security is stating gay slurs right in front of Air Steve. You think this is bad? Try being around Steve at Taco Tuesday at The Sunset Marquis. Steve's security will beat you down if you even get close to the potato tacos mate inn n n n n it. Wake the fuck up. I me reckon that this happened in "Johnny Marr's" hometown. Reckon Air Steve was upset because he thought "Johnny Marr" tried to get in to the gig.
    16. spineless
      I've always found bouncers quite reasonable, but I wouldn't like to get on the wrong side of them. I imagine you have to be a certain type of person to do the job. I hope all the ones I've upset in the past, are still in employment because, at least while they're still bouncing, they might desist from beating me up, if it means losing their job!
    17. Anonymous
      You sum him up so well despite having no political knowledge at all.
    18. Anonymous
      They're very reasonable if you put a shotgun in their mouth like I did on more than one occasion. Being fit and able to fight means fook all if you have no weapons.
      That feeling when the gun clicked and they pissed their pants. Fake executions does something to people and remains with them and their loved ones for life.
      Violence is the best cigar I ever had!
    19. g23
      I will. Which show was this? The Halloween show? Or the one before? Security at the Arlene Schnitzer concert hall are very rude, but I have never- and I mean NEVER seen them get physical with anybody at any of the probably 20-25 shows I have seen there. I have been the person who gets up and moves to the front, and the closest thing to physicality I have seen, is multiple guards forming a human wall in the aisle and walking toward people to get them to move back. Are they assholes? Sometimes. But like I said, I have never seen it go beyond verbal abuse.

      Edit: I have seen Morrissey's own security manhandle and abuse stage invaders in recent years, such as the young woman they slammed to the stage, crushed, and dragged away screaming at the Edgefield show a couple of years ago.

      Edited Again: I wasn't at this show, so I can't speak as an authority, and it is conceivable that somebody had a horrible day at work and lashed out at another. But from my experience, I think you would have to get physical to receive physical at this venue. Others in town I could see (and have seen) house security kicking the shit out of someone.
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