Morrissey Central "Mamma Lay Softly" (August 15, 2020)

"The flowers of solace, comfort and consolation that have arrived at Beechmount - my mother's home for over 30 years, and now, her premature place of rest, are all so Hindu sundar; so beautiful; so expensive; so lavish; so glamorous; so much more than I ever expected that anyone anywhere would bestow on my mother. For my own life I don't care anything, but how my worldwide friends have regarded my mother with such great respect and faithful love is a gift to me that no success, triumphs or riches could match.

I send you what remains of my love, and I hope that we all survive so that one day, one way, the halls of music and free expression will never again hold the power to exercise their malicious deception that keeps us apart."

14 August 2020.

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I get that. I just don't understand why you think he refers to this idea from a 13 year old quote and what's "malicious" about not understanding that he's one with the audience.

Guess we'll never know. Unless @joe frady 's whisky fueled wisdom returns and he enlightens us 😏
I didn't mean he was directly referring to it - just that he doesn't separate roles the way they're conventionally separated.

I think he sees everything about the industry as malicious apart from the art (sometimes)... in a hyperbolic way.


Despite his faults, I hold the deepest love for the man and wish him a healthy and swift grieving process. I'll be thinking of him.
It could be some of his faults that some of us love... and his good points as well ...nice post P... where is Nerak, though.... still f***ed on the gin? 😱😱😱


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Everyone has faults, and his are so widely exaggerated, but they're out there. All I'm saying is that despite of them, despite of his recent portrayal, my unwavering loyalty to the man has not changed a bit.


What are Steve's faults? He's a potty old bachelor with a very good singing voice and the gift of second sight. What is the problem here?
You quoting me here my love, yes I’m now a potty old man as well , I could do with a cuddle and a kiss from you . In bed with Sparks album on full blast ... the new one mind .... I’ll make you a vegetarian breakfast afterwards... I also do organic orgasams 😜😜😜😜


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Oh come on.... I’ve many good points you know. I’m professional, have my own home, car .... small penis ..... so you don’t have to do certain things 🤙🤙🤙a good salary .... I love spending money on good looking women/ even if going through the process 🤩🤩😱
I can spend my own money but ty! Also, @Ketamine Sun and I are in a romantic yet platonic decades long lesbian affair. We like it. It works! Good night!


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I felt a strange sense of freedom moments after my mom died. I didn't have to take care of someone anymore. You guys are so f***ing sensitive. Also it's no secret she smothered him, I'll say it again, welcome to freedom, Morrissey.
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