Morrissey Central "Mamma Lay Softly" (August 15, 2020)

"The flowers of solace, comfort and consolation that have arrived at Beechmount - my mother's home for over 30 years, and now, her premature place of rest, are all so Hindu sundar; so beautiful; so expensive; so lavish; so glamorous; so much more than I ever expected that anyone anywhere would bestow on my mother. For my own life I don't care anything, but how my worldwide friends have regarded my mother with such great respect and faithful love is a gift to me that no success, triumphs or riches could match.

I send you what remains of my love, and I hope that we all survive so that one day, one way, the halls of music and free expression will never again hold the power to exercise their malicious deception that keeps us apart."

14 August 2020.

Central add some more floral tribute images:

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All my love to you Morrissey.
More flowers on the way for your beloved mother whom we all have so much to thank for.


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I reckon good lil' Sammy. Now organize the flowers at her real house in Calabasas and get on that nonstop Aer Lingus from LAX to Dublin and don't forget your neck gaiter. I reckon your Grandma's house was always fun to play football in the backyard inn nn nnnn nn nnnn nn it.

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Message is a little incoherent (Hindu sundar? That last paragraph?), but I'd imagine he's a mess. Nice of him to thank the fans for the flowers. I sent some.

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