Male or female whats your crush level on M ?

Sandy_Jay_1111 ☯️

Indigo_Starseed 🔮
1 to 10 male or female, crush level on
I'm 10 coz I want inside his head and bathwater :lbf:
Come on sing your life bab 😃
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i do not have a crush on Mozzy because I have gained international fame and renown for my terrible and absolutely appalling taste in men.

That’s not what i came to say though, i came to say that your thing about the bathwater should have definitely stayed in your head :eek:
that's nothing, i licked my hand after i touched sweatybrett's sweaty back. my hand was SOAKED in it!!! i waited till i got back to my hotel to lick it of course, because im not some kind of weirdo.
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