Maladjusted: What should've been taken off, what would u put on..



Fine then let's see a proper tracklisting. U can only use the Maladjusted b-sides. I can only say take out 'Papa Jack' and throw on 'This Is Not...


Wide to Receive
Alma Matters
I Can Have Both
Yes, I Am Blind
Trouble Loves Me
He Cried
Roy's Keen
This is Not Your Country
Heir Apparent
Satan Rejected My Soul
Sorrow Will Come in the End

This isn't me saying "Morrissey arranged Maladjusted wrong." This is me saying "If Maladjusted would have been released like this, it would be just below 'Viva Hate' and 'Vauxhall And I' on my list of favorite Moz albums." This is strictly wishful thinking on my part, not an attempt to re-write history.

This has actually prompted me to burn a CD of the songs in this order. I tried to consider the mood that each song puts you in. "Maladjusted" is a perfect album opener, right up there with "Alsatian Cousin". "Lost" would make a beautiful closer, in my opinion. I upped the track listing to 14 tracks, making it a bit longer- one of my complaints about Maladjusted is that it seems short. I cheated a little and added "Yes, I Am Blind". Obviously not a Maladjusted song, but I have this weird notion that a re-recorded version of this song would've been a treat on Maladjusted.

So there's my version of a refined Maladjusted.
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