Make The Smiths number 1 by Christmas


Someone is squeezing my
No, not the real music chart, I've come across a website called "shareranks" with allsorts of music stuff on where you vote for certain things. One topic is 'Most Depressing Song' and noticing there weren't many Smiths songs I thought for a joke I'd add 'Heaven Knows I'm Miserable now' (which isn't depressing at all and always makes me smile), anyway I've been trying to get this to number one by Christmas for no other reason than it's childish and silly. Number 1 currently is Bonnie Tyler (Eughh!) 2 is Gary Jules, and number 3 was The Smiths until recently Michael Jackson took 3rd. So come on Smithsfans help this get to number one. You can see which country people are voting from and The Smiths are worldwide. (You can vote 10 times for a song in one session).,Most-Depressing-Songs

There is also a Best Smiths/Morrissey album catergory and some other stuff so worth a look anyway. :thumb:
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