Magnificent Moz - SER latest shopped image on Facebook

Re: Magnificent Moz - SER latest shopped image on Facebook.

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Pardon my cynicism, but this looks dire.
Sam has obviously got a new freeware photo editor.
Possibly the least flattering 'art' featuring Moz yet.
Did Sam miss the fax regarding Moz not having any 'legitimate' facebook pages?
There's nowhere to go but down...

That is absolutely laughable. I'm a complete amateur, and I can do far better than this.

By the way, like the way it says "UNSMITH" behind.
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"I reckon" this is so anti-American. You know stuff like "America is not the World and if the USA doesn't bomb you" so Uncle Steve can sell tickets in Kazabakistain and Vietnam.

You don't get any more American than this. Cowboys and the old West, Moz Angeles. Lil Sammy must share all of Morrissey's "anti American" thinking like living in LA, Capitalism, market segment manipulation, Materialism, shopping at the mall, and going to baseball (Dodger) games. Morrissey is George Bush...idiots and any other American president you love to hate. He is what 40 million people in the USA are. Descendants of Irish Catholics. You third world anonymous cowards are so stupid. Anonymous-
Maybe it's a sign that he's going to star in a new 'humasexual' remake of 'Brokeback Mountain'? (with some hot guy, obviously)
I think it means he is opening a rescued farm animal sanctuary in the old west called Moztown and he will be - not a cowboy - but a "cow-protectionist". Anyone that tries to mess with the cows and other animals will be shot. I plan on volunteering-(to help with the animals, not the shooting). I don't know what Un Smith means. I hope it doesn't mean he is going country-western. A little would be OK, but not all the way. Please. Also, all boots, holsters, belts etc. will be pleather of course.

I love this. Mozzer in chaps and a cowboy hat is so hot.
I like Moz's new bald look. I'm glad he decided to lose the hair.
A question: has SER always made photoshops? I know it sounds like a silly question, but well, I hadn't heard of him until a few days ago and I'd like to know when he started doing it.

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