Madrid/Padova 2014 DVD


Madrid 9. & Padova 22.10.2014

The best quality + most complete parts compilation. DVD made of the original HD mov files.

Video: 720/576, 9624 bits, 25 frames
Audio: AC3, 224 bits, 48hz


1. Pre show (madrid/padova)
2. Hand in glove (padova)
3. Kiss me a lot (padova)
4. World peace is none of your business (padova)
5. Bullfighter dies (padova)
6. I'm throwing my arms around paris (madrid)
7. The Queen is dead (madrid)
8. Istanbul (madrid)
9. Earth is the loneliest planet (madrid)
10. Asleep (madrid)
11. How soon is now? (madrid)
12. Kiss me a lot (madrid)
13. One day goodbuy will be farewell (padova)

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