Madrid - Barclaycard Center (Oct. 9, 2014) post-show

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Set List:

The Queen Is Dead / Speedway / The Bullfighter Dies / Ganglord / I'm Throwing My Arms Around Paris / Kiss Me A Lot / Disappointed / You Have Killed Me / Istanbul / Neal Cassady Drops Dead / Earth Is The Loneliest Planet / Certain People I Know / Trouble Loves Me / I'm Not A Man / Everyday Is Like Sunday / Kick the Bride Down The Aisle / Meat Is Murder / World Peace Is None Of Your Business // Asleep / How Soon Is Now?

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I never get my phone out during a gig, ever. it dilutes the moment. i want to watch it through my own eyes not through a shit 3.5 x 3 inch screen or whatever. Plus the sweaty drongos I'm stood next to might knock it out of my hand.


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The (near) complete preshow video from Lisbon is here. Presumably the same each night.

Wanting to Die
By Anne Sexton

Since you ask, most days I cannot remember.

I walk in my clothing, unmarked by that voyage.

Then the almost unnameable lust returns.

Even then I have nothing against life.

I know well the grass blades you mention,

the furniture you have placed under the sun.

But suicides have a special language.

Like carpenters they want to know which tools.

They never ask why build.

Twice I have so simply declared myself,

have possessed the enemy, eaten the enemy,

have taken on his craft, his magic.

In this way, heavy and thoughtful,

warmer than oil or water,

I have rested, drooling at the mouth-hole.

I did not think of my body at needle point.

Even the cornea and the leftover urine were gone.

Suicides have already betrayed the body.

Still-born, they don’t always die,

but dazzled, they can’t forget a drug so sweet

that even children would look on and smile.

To thrust all that life under your tongue!—

that, all by itself, becomes a passion.

Death’s a sad bone; bruised, you’d say,

and yet she waits for me, year after year,

to so delicately undo an old wound,

to empty my breath from its bad prison.

Balanced there, suicides sometimes meet,

raging at the fruit a pumped-up moon,

leaving the bread they mistook for a kiss,

leaving the page of the book carelessly open,

something unsaid, the phone off the hook

and the love whatever it was, an infection


Well, I really just thought he liked the look or comfort.:straightface:
But...if you are looking for a medical reason, loose fitting pants are often suggested to patients with gastric ulcers as a way to take pressure off the abdomen.
If that's the case then that's a good thing; that he's being proactive. :thumb:

Those pants aren't just any pants...they're Adidas Museum Collection pants. He's showing off that he's been to another north European museum!


My secret's my enzyme.
Those pants aren't just any pants...they're Adidas Museum Collection pants. He's showing off that he's been to another north European museum!

I don't often play paper dolls dress up with him, but Moz in Sambas would make my vagina explode.

Sad Girl

Sin duda el concierto mas emocionante que he vivido, fui sola desde Gijon en tren porque sabia que no podia perdermelo y creo que todavia hoy, casi tres semanas despues, sigo con el en la cabeza. Esperar por algo durante tantos ańos y encontrarte con un directo asi no tiene precio, el set list fue sorprendente pero acertadisimo, lleno de emocion. Ojala tengamos muchos ańos mas para poder disfrutar de Morrissey, de su musica, sus libros....

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