Madonna opened for The Smiths at Danceteria 12/31/83?

What does johnny say at the end of the interview? He feels like...????


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"He feels like a guy from that _____ show" is what I make out....tough to understand with that Manc accent!


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I think he had a different view of Madonna back in the old days, he saw her as someone very much "her own self", and he also said a phenomenon like Madonna could never happen again. I for one am very glad he doesn't like her. Very VERY glad.


Madonna was known simply as the Smelly American back then. When she came to the Hacienda for The Tube, she did her dance number without deodorant and stunk the club out. Her performance was instantly forgot, but her armpits were nominated for a Fac number!



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and of course Morrissey was there as well. He later went on to say of her...

"Madonna is closer to organised prostitution than anything else"
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