Lyrics Morrissey should have written or should incorporate into a song

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Do you like any lyrics from another artist that sound like something Morrissey could/should have written or ones that Morrissey could "borrow" for use in his own songs.

I have a few:

I have always thought the Leonard Cohen line

"I was born like this,
I had no choice
I was born with the gift of a golden voice"

would be a perfect Morrissey line.

from Bruce Springsteen's State Trooper

"Maybe you got a kid
Maybe you got a pretty wife
The only thing that I got's
Been bugging me my whole life"

from Black Eyed Man by Michael Timmins

"Yes I did go to him,
but completely against my will
and yes he did things to me
things of which I dream of still."

(you might have to hear the song to understand that the line “things of which I dream of still” is meant in a "good memory" way)

from I Don't Get It by Margo and Michael Timmins

"I ask my friends if they understand
They just laugh at me and watch another band
They don't worry, they don't worry"

Just a few things that I heard recently that made me think of this post.
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