Lyon - Amphithéâtre 3000 (March 12, 2023) post-show

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Our Frank / I Wish You Lonely / Stop Me If You Think You've Heard This One Before / Irish Blood, English Heart / Jim Jim Falls / Sure Enough, The Telephone Rings / Girlfriend In A Coma / Everyday Is Like Sunday / Without Music The World Dies / The Bullfighter Dies / The Loop / The Night Pop Dropped / Istanbul / Half A Person / Please, Please, Please, Let Me Get What I Want / Knockabout World / Trouble Loves Me / Suedehead / Jack The Ripper // Sweet And Tender Hooligan

Setlist courtesy of @Mozzer1980, Mars, & FWD.

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Socials very dry currently.
Stop me !
"I have found that every Sunday is exactly like Sunday"

IBEH played.
I have to admit that Half a Person during current gigs sounds fantastic :hearteyes:
My god that stage looks slippery, I do hope he's wearing some sensible shoes tonight!
Morrissey has always struck me as a person who chooses the most practical, responsibly crafted, balanced and ultimately extremely safe clown shoes with (some might say) THE BEST jingle-jangle bells on the end.

He'll be safe, when has anyone ever had an accident in clown shoes, the foot-to-floor surface area is huge, the bells on the end make you like a cat! Agile!
Sweet And Tender Hooligan encore.
Hope he keeps Trouble Loves Me, Jim Jim Falls & I Wish You Lonely in the setlist for Leeds. They sound amazing.
Lost !


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