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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Famous when dead, Sep 11, 2018.

By Famous when dead on Sep 11, 2018 at 2:49 PM
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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Famous when dead, Sep 11, 2018.

    1. Anonymous
      I know I am speculating, but she appears to be intersex.
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    2. countthree
      She is extremely talented. Some genius brought them together.

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    3. Anaesthesine
      Laura Pergolizzi has an amazing voice! We were just listening to her album "Lost on You" a few days ago.

      I didn't expect Morrissey to make such a good musical choice at this late stage of his career. Dammit - he just made it tougher to stop listening.
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    4. E Scott
      E Scott
      I always thought that Morrissey was intersex as he always seemed to be on his period.
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    5. Johnnie Ray
      Johnnie Ray
      Morrissey used to be tall and lanky in the 80's. What happened? He looks short and stocky now with really short legs! That lady is NOT easy on the eyes.
    6. Anonymous
      Never heard of her but she comes across as a v witty and warm laydee in this clip:
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    7. rifke
      who cares about laura perogies! look at mozzer looking so boyish and cool in the background holding a basketball! great facial expressions! can I play mozzer?!
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    8. Anonymous
      This is her girlfriend

    9. Johnny Barleycorn
      Johnny Barleycorn
      She’s seems very pleasant. Decent singing voice. Not to keen on the music, personally. The thing that strikes me about her is she looks like about thirty different people. Dylan. Strokes bloke. Tiny Tim. Waterboys guy. Simon Amstell. Ripley. She manages to be highly individual and oddly bland at the same time.

      I have the same problem with my plumber. I’ve met him perhaps half a dozen times down the years, but I couldn’t really describe what he looks like. Fat bloke. Dark hair. Drives a van. Needs a longer t-shirt. Now I’m struggling.

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    10. Anonymous
      I'm liking LP and very interested in the role she'll be playing on the record. KY was also in LA recently, she did a podcast with April Richardson... kinda hoping she and Moz made up (again) for the new record too.
    11. g23
      I don't hate Morrissey. Isn't that a waste of effort? I'm simultaneously repulsed and attracted, intrigued, infuriated, indebted, and a whole lot of other emotions, but hate isn't one of them. I don't think I hate anyone.
      Not even Donald Trump, and he's a cock-knocker of epic proportions.
    12. g23
      I'm intersex too. As often as possible. It's good for the soul.
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    13. countthree
      I like both Morrissey and LP. Anyway, “l'essentiel est invisible pour les yeux”...
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    14. Erik
      61A9FA4D-87D6-47EE-A383-2293305823DF.jpeg I loved when LP played the part of Stella in the movie Silverado !
    15. URBANUS
      Morrissey always had big balls, massive explosive kegs between his legs.
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    16. URBANUS
      Looks a bit like a cover for a compilation album by The Strokes. Stoned out on heroin in NYC backstreets.
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    17. Anonymous
      From reading about her she gets some comparisons to Patti Smith in terms of style but maybe it’s just cause she’s from New York. As for girlfriends I don’t know if that’s the old girlfriend or the new one. Lost on you was apparently about her girlfriend pushing her into some open relationship she was reluctant about and then the break up but now she’s engaged to someone new.
    18. Anonymous
    19. constance59
      The cut-off khakis and converse are everything.
    20. URBANUS
      A man at his age in Converse and since I hate anyone in Converse I am afraid he is now on that list as well.
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