Low In High School: What do you think of it?

I Bury the Living - another one where a melody was not even considered. Just like reading out a bad poem he wrote at school (much like I'm Not a Man, which has a bit more melody, stolen from The Public Image.)
That IS a special Moz quality through all the years for me.

When it comes to listening to music you’re not really appreciating that much, but gradually like more and more he is the champion.

The champion of music “that grows on you”.

For me it is a sign of “good music”.

But sometimes I doubt my own feelings about it and think of it as all due to me being a fan and listening a lot to it.

I guess other music lovers with other favourite musicians have the same experience.

I noticed that for when I expressed my enthusiasm for certain Moz songs to music lovers that didn’t know about him, they started to look strange at me and their lack of enthusiasm just gave it away I must be a freak for liking him.

It doesn’t bother me at all but it is just because he is different, strange and interesting.

Bury the Living must grow on you like a nasty kind of fungus.
I love Moz’s new album. I’ve only listened to it 4 or 5 times but it gets better with every listen.
The only track that I really don’t like is ATYPMFIL. I just find it cringe and it’s a struggle to listen through without skipping.
I Bury The Living really has the wow factor for me. I get goosebumps listening to it. The only part of the song I don’t find appropriate is the ending ‘without our John...’ it feels condescending and insensitive IMO.
So the album is a sold 7.5 from me. It’s just great to have some new Moz material and some interesting music to listen to for a change.
I can’t wait for his UK tour to start!
Viva Morrissey!
Had a proper listen to the album in my car during a long drive. I think its a lot better than World Piece but there are still a number of throwaway tracks. I think Home is where the heart is and When you open your legs are strong tracks (particularly the chorus), I also am ok with, My Love, I wish you lonely, Jacky's and All the young. The rest don't interest me at all.
I just had a chance to give Low in High School a first listen. Wow. Where to begin.

1) Morrissey's voice is still a singular and gorgeous weapon. He could sing a laundry list and it would reduce me to tears. His vocal work on this album is magnificent.

2) There are some gorgeous songs here: Home is a Question Mark and Israel are my initial favorites.

3) Jacky's Only Happy When She's Up on the Stage, My Love I'd Do Anything For You and The Girl From Tel Aviv Who Wouldn't Kneel are also really enjoyable (although Tel Aviv sounds like a lost Marc Almond song).

4) I agree with everyone who says that the lyrics are the weak link here: if I didn't know who Morrissey was I'd think he was some old crank who watched Fox News and obsessed about "mainstream media propaganda." As an American I have to endure that kind of whining, pathetic, pseudo-fascist bullshit every single day. I don't need to hear it from Morrissey.

5) I'm not a cheerleader for the military by any means, but "I Bury the Living" is possibly Morrissey's most wrong-headed song ever (and that's really saying something).

6) Morrissey's politics seem scattered on both the left and the right. He's certainly entitled to express his beliefs, and I'm free to stop listening.

7) This album says nothing to me about my life, but it says it in the most beautiful voice imaginable.
I listened two or three times yesterday and quite like it. One must be wary of early reaction to a new Moz record; I find it can take a while to sink in.

I was on the fence about World Peace...it's let down by a few crappy songs in the middle (Earth is the Loneliest Planet, The Bullfighter Dies, for example) but always looked forward to the last three or four songs, which are great (Smiler/Bride/Mountjoy/Oboe).

With Low in High School, there's no song - as yet - that I really look forward to. But that may change.

I also watched the Maida Vale thing from a few weeks back last night on the tv via youtube - I'd been saving that for after I'd heard the album fresh - and find the live show to still be absolutely incendiary. And the new songs sounded better. Will keep listening, no doubt. It might not be the one we wanted, but it's good to have a new Moz record, certainly.
Bury the Living must grow on you like a nasty kind of fungus.

Possibly, but you didn’t say anything about the phenomenon itself.
And it goes the other way around too.
Songs that “ ungrow “ on you.

For instance, for me some of the songs, I skip now because I feel I heard them too many times and they lose some of their appeal while others which I listened to as much don’t.

I had that experience with some of the songs of Quarry. Like Crashing Bores.
A solid record. Only downside to things has been the unnecessarily hostile environment it’s been released to. Morrissey being accused of mocking grieving parents is symptomatic of a knee jerk culture that plagues social media and universities campuses everywhere right now. The last two minutes of I Bury the Living are actually stunning, pure kitchen sink realism worthy of The Smiths.

Hoping it sells well for him, there’s some great moments. Only track I haven’t took to so far is In Your Lap.
I've had a strange relationship with STDIB. When I first heard it I liked but didn't love it. But because it was the first new song I listened to it on repeat to the point of boredom. So I didn't listen to it for a week. Then one day I heard it on the radio and something just clicked and I fell in love with it. And it's now one of my favourites on the album. I just can't keep still when it's on. I've found that for the majority of the album actually. I was doing work on my laptop earlier and I had the album on in the background and without even realising it, I found myself singing along, tapping my foot, dancing in my chair. I know it's still early but I'm still getting a lot of enjoyment out of this album.
I actually prefer the stripped down version of All the Young People, because Manzur's keyboards are far less annoying on it.
Several listens later and my opinion is further improved. From an initial 7/10 I'd move it to an 8/10. Initially I didn't particularly fall for I Bury The Living and In Your Lap on first listen but they have both grown more and more on every listen.

All The Young People has regained it's appeal since getting over the dampened sound compared to the live rendition.

The Girl From Tel-Aviv is still too cheesy for me.

The song that's in my head is still When You Open Your Legs. I love singing to it...which makes life interesting.
Completely apart from any controversy, I've deleted songs and trimmed it down to a tidy little EP in my i-tunes library. I don't think I'll buy a physical copy, especially given my enjoyment level of the album and the looming promise/threat of a special edition with extra tracks. And just once, I'd love to see him package it with a simple badge that reads "tacky" just to fully give in to his reissue addiction. And I loathe the people who make Vulgar picture jokes at every reissue.
Completely apart from any controversy, I've deleted songs and trimmed it down to a tidy little EP in my i-tunes library.

I'm thinking about whether it might be possible to make a listenable ten-track album by canibalising LIHS and WPINOYB. I like a challenge.
What has been done to his voice on Who will protect us from the police? There is some effect on it, not a big fan of it...

Otherwise, I think a lot of people are desperate to hate the new album, so it's no surprise they do. Not my favourite by any stretch, but it is a solid album IMO.
This has probably already been mentioned but I was just admiring the vinyl cover and noticed that under the Stereo logo it says 'for the man who has nothing' is that Stereo's moto? Because it does sound very Morrissey.
What a pity the recording of the album came too soon for Zimbabwe, a passionate ode to Robert Mugabe, a brave, misunderstood icon who has been abused and undermined by jealous opponents.

The delicate instrumentation features flugelhorn, banjo and timpani.
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