"Low In High School" reviews (NME, Spex, RUSHONROCK, theMusic.com.au, Quietus)

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By davidt on Nov 14, 2017 at 5:11 PM
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    "Low In High School" review by Jordan Bassett (2 of 5 stars) - NME. Link posted by Ugly Devil (original post).
    "Low In High School" review by Dennis Phol - Spex (German). Link posted by Sven68 (original post).

    Morrissey makes fabulously eccentric return with Low In High School by Adam Keys (9/10) - RUSHONROCK. Link posted by Orson Swells (original post).

    "Low In High School" review by Mac McNaughton (4 of 5 stars) - theMusic.com.au. Link posted by crawleyrocket (original post).

    "Low In High School" review by Mr Agreeable - The Quietus. Link posted by Bluebirds (original post).

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Discussion in 'General Discussion archive 2017 (read-only)' started by davidt, Nov 14, 2017.

    1. Sidnettle
      NME doesn't like it? Wow!
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    2. Anonymous
      Granted I haven’t heard the song but I took the head in your lap line to be conjuring images of children and mothers
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    3. tivvissey
      I’m pretty sure it is.
    4. Imbrie
      This is one polarizing album, that' for sure. Cannot wait to wrap my ears around this.

      The NME, what can I say?
    5. ninetimesfined
      Thought the nme did marks out of 10. Oh well since becoming a free rag tramp blanket fodder they must have decided to jazz things up a bit.
    6. Anonymous
      The "head on your lap" quote is out of context. It's more the evocation of a person looking for a rest on a friendly person (mother/lover). I hope its just a kind of parody review, otherwise, this person didn't understand a thing about this record. Jackie is about England not about a singer, you dumbass. It's a good record, maybe disturbing, it's not a record you can listen to while doing something else. Sometimes it itches, it may be noisy or rude and suddenly soft. A very good one - except the israel song that reminds me of the "sorrows will come...", it's a boring closer. Too bad, because the track order is perfect.
    7. falconneil
      The NME is embarrassingly bad now. What once was a respected music weekly has become a website nightmare of millennial nonsense and sleaze. There is literally no sense of order or logical content. It's as if it has been turned over to a class of 10 year olds to run.
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    8. I_Am_A_Disco_Dancer
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    9. Tibby the cat 93
      Tibby the cat 93
      You're too generous,it's not that good.
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    10. ACTON
      NME hatchet job. But nobody cares so that's ok. The only sickening thing is they get the album for free. God I hope that shit review was completely off the mark.
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    11. bhops
      It seems like this is an album that will be somewhat polarizing. I'd say a good indicator is if you really like what's been released so far then what is to come will hit the mark and if you've been feeling somewhat ho-hum about the new tracks you've already heard the rest of the album won't improve that outlook.
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    12. gordyboy9
      the nme loved world peace and gave it a high mark.everybody and their granny has heard this now apart from the people who hang around here,somebody give us a quick listen.
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    13. Tibby the cat 93
      Tibby the cat 93
      Just called my Nan , she loves it .
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    14. gordyboy9
      good one tibby gave me a laugh.
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    15. Ugly Devil
      Ugly Devil
      I'm pretty certain NME gave Years of Refusal 8/10 and World Peace 9/10.
      Their new scoring system would translate as a 4/10 for the new album.
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    16. gordyboy9
      yes think your right about 9/10 for world peace,,most people on here were surprised that they gave it such a high score.
    17. gordyboy9
      for me its a ridiculous score,if he doesn't agree with the political side of it then say so.he gives it four out of ten and a few reviews down gives it nine out of ten.is it that polarising that half will love it and half will hate it.
    18. Anonymous
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    19. Ugly Devil
      Ugly Devil
      I just did a quick look and here's how they ranked all his albums.

      Viva Hate 8/10
      Bona Drag 8/10
      Kill Uncle 8/10
      Your Arsenal 7/10
      Vauxhall and I 8/10
      Southpaw (couldn't find it) probably a 5
      Malajusted 6/10
      Quarry 8/10
      Ringleader 8/10
      Years 8/10
      World Peace 9/10
      Low 4/10

      These scores are either too high or too low. Very inconsistent.
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