"Low In High School" reviews (Guardian, Independent, Arts Desk, Swedish press)

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    "Low in High School" review by Alexis Petridis – old greatness spoiled by ugliness and spite (3 of 5 stars) - The Guardian. Link posted by Famous when dead (original post).

    "Low In High School" review by Andy Gill (2 of 5 stars) - The Independent. Link posted by Maurice E Maher (original post).

    "Low In High School" review by Barney Harsent - The Arts Desk. Link posted by Famous when dead (original post).

    "Low In High School" review by Patrik Forshage (rating: :() - Nöjesguiden (Swedish). Link posted by @Mr_Morran / Twitter.

    Popmusik som Jimmie Åkesson kommer att älska by Andres Lokko (1 of 5) - Svenska Dagbladet (Swedish). Link posted by @Mr_Morran / Twitter and also 12" on the slack (original post with translation).

    "Low In High School" review by Janne Hallman (4 of 6) - GAFFA.se (Swedish). Link posted by @Mr_Morran / Twitter.

    Skivrecension: Morrissey blandar högt och lågt på elfte soloskivan by Fredrik Söderlund (3 of 5) - Borås Tidning (Swedish). Link posted by @Mr_Morran / Twitter.

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Discussion in 'General Discussion archive 2017 (read-only)' started by davidt, Nov 16, 2017.

    1. gordyboy9
      1/5,somebodies taking the piss,obviously doesn't agree with the politics.
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    2. the_matt_attack
      Alex Petridis is a very good critic but I think he's missed the point of Israel a bit. One of the lines is "I can't answer for what armies do" and Morrissey has said in interviews that the Israeli people can't be held accountable for the actions of their government in the same way that "Assad is not Syria". I think when he sings about Israel he is talking about the people. the land and the spirit, not the 'state'.

      I disagree with a lot of what appear to be Morrissey's new-found reactionary politics, but I feel the same way about my parents' views and I'm still interested in what they have to say, and I still enjoy listening to Morrissey. There's a lot of bigotry on the left and many journalists instantly label someone a racist if they express patriotism or concern over immigration, are pro-Brexit, or indeed support Israel. People aren't necessarily bad if they disagree with you!
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    3. Mozbra
      Most of even the unfavorabe reviews praise the music highly. I am sure he is being revenged for the clumsy political comments, which are really, let's be honest, just clumsy.

      To me, it's so obvious to see how much of a non-bigot Morrissey is. Come on, just take a look at the cover art of Hand In Glove.

      Morrissey just wants the world to be terrorism-free (all sorts), and on that account, ends up saying things that come across in a weird way.

      Maybe if a terrorist attack perpretated by someone from Islam killed and injured people in your hometown (yes, I am talking about Ariana Grande's concert in Manchester), you would understand that.
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    4. Uncleskinny
      That was 34 years ago, bro. People are not the same as they were 34 years ago.
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    5. the_matt_attack
      1/5 is ludicrous. Can you imagine being a professional music critic, listening to all the new releases each week, 90% of which are total dross and honestly thinking this album deserves the lowest possible score? Definitely political or settling an old score.
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    6. Uncleskinny
      Send the reviewer an angry e-mail. In BOLD
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    7. the_matt_attack
      ...also, it's not that progressive a cover. He likes men and he used a picture of a man's arse. Bit hard to be a homophobe when you're bisexual (which I think we've established he is, right?).
    8. the_matt_attack
      I WILL
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    9. Mozbra
      Ok, nonetheless, you do not need to go that far back. What about his Trump satire, his brilliant remark on the Four Tops in his most recent interview, and the like,

      I believe he is being used a a scapegoat, for all the wrong reasons.
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    10. Orson Swells
      Orson Swells
      Supporting Bernie Sanders, you mean?
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    11. The Seeker of Good Songs
      The Seeker of Good Songs
      IMO, any Morrissey album sans Morrissey on the cover is a sub-par album.
    12. the_matt_attack
      I didn't know that he supported Sanders. I meant his support for people like Nigel Farage and Anne Marie Waters. And his comments about Chinese people, and his concerns about the loss of British identity caused by immigration. I find this Facebook post very problematic too: . He seems to me to be implying that the problem is Islam or muslims and says that 'everyone seems petrified to officially say what we all say in private.' I guess what 'we all say in private' means 'we have a muslim problem.'
    13. I_Am_A_Disco_Dancer
    14. SeniorLife
      This is a prime example of what I think prevents this site from being a good website from a great, fun, fair and thought provoking, website.

      So, are we trolling people or posts? Because somebody explain to me why this particular one of Skinny's post is trolled? Skinny is not saying anything other than people change over 34 years. That was it. And somebody please try to tell me that this isn't true. If you don't think people change over 34 years, I'm sorry, you're just clueless.

      I'm not a Skinny apologist, and Skinny doesn't need anybody being his/her (don't know to be honest) apologist, but if someone is going to troll a post like this, then just block the person. Because you are obviously trolling the person, not the post. Or, don't block the person, but at least troll a 'trollable' (not a word) post.

      I've said something to this effect before, so I apologize for the redundancy. This is a good site. Somebody posted a couple days ago that this was the first time they were posting and were shocked at the trolling, or something to that effect. Yes, my friend, this is it. Come for a great resource of information, but be weary putting your hat in the ring.

      I thought the review was fair and pretty balanced. Jackie is my favorite song so far.

      Be well...
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    15. Tom Gotovac
      Tom Gotovac
      Critics live and let live, Mozza never promised a rose garden :blushing:

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    16. Orson Swells
      Orson Swells
      Well, he was very outspoken in his support of Sanders so I'm not sure how you missed it. We all know the context of the Chinese comment and the fact that Morrissey is critical 0f many politicians of the right, including Cameron and May. He did call Jeremy Corbyn "intelligent" recently, of course, and obviously his deep hatred of Trump is well-known too.

      Clearly lots of his beliefs are very liberal and progressive (gender, royalty) though his politics do not seem the most coherent. I suspect he regards himself as apolitical and beyond mainstream politics - hence the interest in things like Brexit, etc. His views are idiosyncratic and eccentric, and perhaps not always the best expressed or informed, but it would be a strange kind of bigot or racist whose favourite writer was James Baldwin, somebody who spent their life fighting against such things.

      Ironically, he is far less parochial now than he was in The Smith, far more interested and influenced by other cultures, musically and lyrically. Think of all the songs he has written extolling his love of other countries. There is a whole side of him being ignored when he is presented as some sort of right wing little Englander, which is simplistic in the extreme.
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    17. ninetimesfined
      I enjoyed Southpaw Grammar!
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    18. Anonymous
      Yeah he made a stupid comment about the Chinese but he also played Hong Kong. He also tried to play Iran and turkey and named a song on world peace Istanbul so it's not exactly cut and dried
    19. Anonymous
      But, you know, these people "reviewing" are really WEAZELS. So they DIG the knife-in because they THINK that they can. So THEY do. And it HURTS when one reads these trash. Common sense leads 'intelligent folks' to other conclusions....but, you know, not everyone has common sense....

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