"Low In High School" reviews (Drowned In Sound, Clash, Express, RTE.ie, FACT + more)

"Low In High School" review by J.R. Moores (3 of 10) - Drowned In Sound. Link posted by Uncleskinny.

"Low in High School" review by Robin Murray (4 of 10) - Clash Music. Link posted by Famous when dead (original post).
A musically confident return buried by confused lyricism...

"Low In High School" review: Misjudged and lyrically banal by Martin Townshend (2 of 5 stars) - Express.co.uk

"Low In High School" review by Alan Corr - RTE.ie. Link posted by Famous when dead (original post).
Morrissey retreats back into his childish worldview on his nasty and spiteful new album

Morrissey wears his anarchy like a badge of honor on Low in High School by April Clare Welsh - FACT Magazine. Link posted by Famous when dead (original post).

Low in High School — rambling reflections, eccentric digressions by Ludovic Hunter-Tilney (1 of 5 stars) - Financial Times. Link posted by an anonymous person (original post / transcript).

"Low In High School" review by Robert Peacock (4 of 5 stars) - The Wee Review. Link posted by Ugly Devil (original post).

"Low In High School" review by Oliver Rose (3.5 / 5) - PearShape Magazine. Link posted by Eustace Walks (original post).

"Low In High School" video review - Classic Album Review / YouTube. Link posted by Ugly Devil (original post).

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Ouch. Poor little Steven. His new album is terrible and has been panned


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Grade: N/A

Editor’s Note: The Daily Californian recognizes that a numerical grading system cannot always account for the problematic history of the artists whose work we are grading. Given the harm caused by this artist, this critic has decided not to give this album a grade.

Morrissey capitalizes on political controversy distastefully in new album ‘Low in High School’



"it seems as though he is leaning on the struggles of people of color, as he has done before, for the sake of a good song."

Oh, how horrid of him.
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