"Low In High School" drops from #20 to out of the US Billboard 200 chart in second week

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By davidt on Dec 6, 2017 at 2:56 PM
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Discussion in 'General Discussion archive 2017 (read-only)' started by davidt, Dec 6, 2017.

    1. Anonymous
      And the point of this story is what?
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    2. g23
      Real footage of America responding to Low in High School
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    3. Anonymous
    4. Anonymous
      After months of “here it comes” and “watch it climb”, “there it went” is the next logical progression.

      Seems pretty relevant and self-explanatory to me.
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    5. Morrissey-so-old.com
      Face it people Morrissey is washed up, the days of him putting out great music and it never really charting are over, he now puts out regular crap as any over the hill artist does. As fans you never expected his music to go any where in the charts but as fans you could have always relied on him putting out solid music and that isn’t the case anymore.

      Also to anyone calling me a troll or replying talking shit to me because I speak the truth here this is for you

      ............./´¯/)........... (\¯`\
      ............/....//........... ...\\....\
      .........../....//............ ....\\....\
      ...../´¯/..../´¯\.........../¯ `\....\¯`\
      .././.../..../..../.|_......_| .\....\....\...\.\..
      (.(....(....(..../.)..)..(..(. \....)....)....).)
      .\................\/.../....\. ..\/................/
      ..\................. /........\................../
      ....\..............(.......... ..)................/
      ......\.............\......... ../............./
      Your one of the reasons he puts out shit music now a days because your the type of fan that coddles his bitch ass instead of holding him accountable.
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    6. Morrissey-so-old.com
      Yup that albums was utter shit just like world peace was too but he has his sheep to inflate his ego and tell him it’s ok.
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    7. Anonymous
      yes we are going to hold Moz 'accountable' for all the cancellations and humasexual lyrics.
      Don't forget his wearing of coats tinged with animal matter. Not marching in favor of Islam.
      Chillin in Israel. Cheese and non vegan ale in Dublin. Refusing the group think thing. Gaining weight while vegan, a shocking event. Racing in Rome with the Nephew.
      All this and much more, he must be held accountable for and if found guilty, which is a foregone conclusion, off to the gulag with one bottle of vodka he goes.:crazy:
    8. g23
      I thought the sheep were just there to make into "Vegan" clothing? Now they have to inflate his ego?
    9. Morrissey-so-old.com

      No they’re also they’re to inflate his ego as well, when you have fans, pathetic fans that is who follow him from town to town on tours listening him play to the same damn songs over and over and they’re stupid enough to pay for the same shit over and over you would get an inflatted ego as well.
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    10. Anonymous
      People who are out enjoying themselves vs sanctimonious keyboard terrorists with nothing better to do than troll and troll and troll. I know which camp I'd rather fall into.
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    11. ninetimesfined
      Well in other news it seems Donald Trump’s album of 2017 is Low in High School. He’s clearly trying to appease Moz by making Jerusalem the capital of Israel. C’mon Don, you could have just tweeted him like you do with everyone else. There was no need to risk peace in the Middle East
    12. Eric Hartman
      Eric Hartman
      Not surprising. “Low In High School” is the first Morrissey album I shelved after only listening to it a couple of times.

      On the bright side, it makes “World Peace” shine like a gem in comparison.
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    13. Anonymous
      It kind of amused me to imagine his head exploding as he heard the news. I hate trump but I love Israel. Can’t comprehend .... and boom morrissey dead in front of a tv while the news plays
    14. Morrissey-so-old.com
      I guess you must enjoy spending your money on cancelled shows too.
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    15. Morrissey_Sucks
      Surprise, surprise. Not!
    16. Anonymous
      Let’s review a couple of simple, English fundamentals, shall we?

      Preaching from one’s perceived “moral high ground” is the very definition of “sanctimony”.

      Preaching an action from one’s perceived “moral high ground” whilst simultaneously doing the opposite is the very definition of “hypocrisy”.

      Spending ones hard-earned money to wait in the cold - in the hopes that a droll, washed-up, sanctimonious hypocrite will grace you by butchering half-rate versions of once-great songs - is the very definition of “idiocy”.

      Here endeth the lesson.
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    17. Peterb
      I thought I'd stick my beak into this one.
      Anon, your opinion of Moz's musical chops is not the point and only opinion.
      The other Anon has a point, they are enjoying the album and the gigs. Why not? People queue for hours for all sorts of artists. They know what they're purchasing. It's somewhat mean spirited to insult people for enjoying themselves. It's all consential.
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    18. Anonymous
      You can take your moral high ground, dust it down, turn it sideways and insert it up your own backside. Move your head to one side a bit as you do so.

      So Morrissey-Solo has collectively decided that LiHS is shit, quelle surprise! Every cancellation is contrived! Every utterance is condemnable!

      What is going to make you all happy and move on? BMG to dump Moz? Moz to Alcatraz? Death? Name it.

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    19. Anonymous
      My response was to this slag’s improper use of the term “sanctimonious keyboard warrior” as a sleight toward those of us with a modicum of taste and integrity.

      As you’ve stated, it’s “all consequential”. Action, followed by reaction. Words matter. Intentions matter. ...and so do a basic grasp of linguistics and reading-comprehension.

      Not to worry. There’ll be plenty of time for you to consider these basics while you’re waiting for the house lights to come on and shuffling back to your car, 15 minutes after show-time.

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