Low In High School: A musically confident return buried by confused lyricism - 4/10 Clash Music

Famous when dead

By Robin Murray.


"In a way, Morrissey was built for the social media era. Few performers can match his ability for a pitchy quote, somehow managing to amuse and infuriate within the same paragraph.

Yet recently the singer’s protestations have built up online to provide a damaging backdrop to his work. Support for figures even UKIP deem controversial have forced the most longstanding of fans to air their criticism, while quotes surrounding Brexit and Nigel Farage place the Manchester icon in a different world from much of his fanbase.

‘Low In High School’, then, comes with a fair amount of baggage. It’s not so much that this baggage buries Morrissey’s work, though, it’s more that Morrissey’s own incoherency makes much of the album a jumbled, frustrating listen, full of lyrical dead ends and bizarre, sometimes outrageous, assertions."


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