"Lover-To-Be" red vinyl 45 released today for Record Store Day (13 April, 2019)

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Famous when dead, Apr 13, 2019.

By Famous when dead on Apr 13, 2019 at 2:02 AM
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    Today sees the release of Lover-To-Be b/w
    I Thought You Were Dead 7" red vinyl.

    Both tracks were recorded in 2017 as part of the Low In High School sessions (confirmed by Damiano Mazzarella who contributes vocals - via his IG and by the vinyl itself).

    With no clear details, it appears there are somewhere between 1000-4000 copies of this record worldwide.
    That said: by hook or by crook the B-side will eventually appear here for people to hear.
    There have always been decent people here who strive to share rarities and this track won't be an exception.
    Even if I have to tunnel through my storage locker to find my turntable.

    This year's RSD has a very varied mixture of rarities and the general feeling I just experienced at the midnight opening event I attended was positive and friendly - no tension over the rarer items.

    The Bowie stuff went quickly.
    I managed to nab a Propaganda box set - The Eight Testaments of Propaganda (not had a ZTT record in a long time),
    Lover-To-Be, Lee Scratch Perry 7" (with Boz, Johnny Bridgewood & Woodie Taylor), Clockwork Orange 7", Bowie - Pinups picture disc & Prince 12". Overall, a pretty good haul. There was an eclectic mix of things on offer this year and I'd guess the industry will only offer more of the same next year.
    RSD really does appear to have grown in popularity.

    I missed out on the great looking Bowie - Just a Gigolo blue vinyl, Bronski Beat pic disc, Art Of Noise, Suede (coming out anyway) and The Fall, but hopefully the Ebay vultures will go easy on me.

    I know very few people went record shopping at midnight, but feel free to contribute your successes and regrets if you are participating in RSD today.

    Tired & spent out.

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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Famous when dead, Apr 13, 2019.

    1. Erik
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    2. Alexi
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    3. gordyboy9
      that's crap lanterns,least you made the effort.least you got your soap powder,put on a washing,put your feet up and listen to a Morrissey album.
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    4. gordyboy9
    5. Alexi
      I dread to think, took visits to 2 cities and several shops to get hold of Lover -To -Be despite leaving home at a ridiculously early time. Won a case of cider though....
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    6. Lost and found
      Lost and found
      Thank you, I really enjoyed it. It was so nice :)
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    7. Anonymous
      Yes, but you must remember that around 2014, Moz made a conscious decision to try something different, as he thought he was being too repetitious with his themes. This is him stepping out of his comfort zone. I'd judge the songs much more harshly if I didn't know that.
      Tackling politics in song is difficult to do well and Moz is no Billy Bragg.

      I listen to his new songs and I find them enjoyable, though not as enjoyable as I find Sister I'm a Poet. I've loved his past two albums- though not as much as The Queen is Dead. I've been around since '87 and I'm still in awe when I see him live. That's why I'm still here.
    8. ForgivemeJESUS
      That is the most ridiculous statement .....retire ,come on now....really
    9. ForgivemeJESUS
      Another one, with no taste......we got another one Boss
    10. ordinaryboy86
      If it’s retire and keep his legacy somewhat in tact, or just go thru the motions and churn out poor album, after poor album, then yes, absolutely, hang it up.
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    11. ordinaryboy86
      If you came down from Mars now, and were introduced to Morrissey’s music via Low In High School & World Peace Is None Of Your Business, would that be enough to make you a fanatic? You’d meet it with lukewarm approval, imo. We give him a pass wether we like to admit it or not, what he’s done before carries so much weight we let the shite slide. Why listen to anything from his last two albums when you can just listen to Alsatian Cousin, Late Night Maudlin Street, etc. I don’t get it. But each to their own.
    12. Anonymous
      Well, that's, of course, not your decision to make. Your decision is whether to stay and keep listening or go elsewhere. If there's a smell you don't like in a public place, do you seek it out and exterminate it or do you move away from it?
      As I said earlier, I don't think he's going through the motions. He's doing something different, which he's poorer at. He's not simply resting on his laurels- but I think he's relying on them. He knows that he has a loyal audience who'll stick with him no matter what he produces, so there's room for experimentation.
      Thank goodness he's not in Vegas flinging flowers around and singing his greatest hits! I think his career has aged very well.
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    13. Anonymous
      Ignore my last post. It's a result of Anonymous delay.
      Yes, I agree. If he was producing albums like these in the 80's, they would've have sparked my interest, but I probably would've all but forgotten about him by now.

      But if you think the last two albums were crap, why do you hang around? (serious question, not quoting suedehead) Do you expect him to come out with something that'll blow your mind? And do you think you'll ever give up on his new releases?
    14. ForgivemeJESUS
      How can you sit there and say
      How can you say songs like
      Kiss the Bride
      One of our own
      Art hounds
      I bury the living
      Who will protect from police
      are not good, this is how I know you are talking a bunch of rubbish, and you are part of the hate group trolling this site, because you must be a crashing bore
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    15. Anonymous
      Morrissey Central?? It's all about selling his 7" to get his desired #1 in the vinyl singles charts.

      Two hours after a small record store opened in Berlin, there were still many singles on the shelves.
      1000 seems to be UK only.

    16. ordinaryboy86
      Down voting and flinging insults simply cos’ you don’t agree. Who’s the troll? ;)
    17. Orson Swells
      Orson Swells
      I actually know people who have become fans precisely because of those two albums.
    18. ordinaryboy86
    19. ForgivemeJESUS
      Well I'm not trying to insult you, I dont get it....if what you say is so true, and you seem determined that his last 4 or 5 lps are garbage. Why not just say "I guess I should listen to someone else, Ole Mozzer, just not doing it for me no more, " then you could move forward and be happy go lucky . Sorry if I called you a crashing bore....I just want you to to smile ,life isnt that bad
    20. ordinaryboy86
      I’m very happy thank you. I said his last TWO albums were atrocious, not “4 or 5”, don’t start making stuff up to suit yourself. I actually like a few of his second phase era LPs, (by that I mean after the Maladjusted hiatus). The one with the Tommy Gun on the cover & the Violin, they’re quite good.

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