"Lover-To-Be" red vinyl 45 released today for Record Store Day (13 April, 2019)

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Famous when dead, Apr 13, 2019.

By Famous when dead on Apr 13, 2019 at 2:02 AM
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    Today sees the release of Lover-To-Be b/w
    I Thought You Were Dead 7" red vinyl.

    Both tracks were recorded in 2017 as part of the Low In High School sessions (confirmed by Damiano Mazzarella who contributes vocals - via his IG and by the vinyl itself).

    With no clear details, it appears there are somewhere between 1000-4000 copies of this record worldwide.
    That said: by hook or by crook the B-side will eventually appear here for people to hear.
    There have always been decent people here who strive to share rarities and this track won't be an exception.
    Even if I have to tunnel through my storage locker to find my turntable.

    This year's RSD has a very varied mixture of rarities and the general feeling I just experienced at the midnight opening event I attended was positive and friendly - no tension over the rarer items.

    The Bowie stuff went quickly.
    I managed to nab a Propaganda box set - The Eight Testaments of Propaganda (not had a ZTT record in a long time),
    Lover-To-Be, Lee Scratch Perry 7" (with Boz, Johnny Bridgewood & Woodie Taylor), Clockwork Orange 7", Bowie - Pinups picture disc & Prince 12". Overall, a pretty good haul. There was an eclectic mix of things on offer this year and I'd guess the industry will only offer more of the same next year.
    RSD really does appear to have grown in popularity.

    I missed out on the great looking Bowie - Just a Gigolo blue vinyl, Bronski Beat pic disc, Art Of Noise, Suede (coming out anyway) and The Fall, but hopefully the Ebay vultures will go easy on me.

    I know very few people went record shopping at midnight, but feel free to contribute your successes and regrets if you are participating in RSD today.

    Tired & spent out.

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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Famous when dead, Apr 13, 2019.

    1. loversuffer
      Thank you Bro .....:):):):):):):):):):)
    2. Famous when dead
      Famous when dead
      I would have bought it if I'd seen it myself.
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    3. gordyboy9
    4. Flibberty
      I have to say that I can enjoy this.

      Musically it sounds very different to most of Morrissey's other output and I prefer it to Jesse's guitar rockers. I'm no expert on world music so I won't speculate as to which country's style it emulates.

      Morrissey's lyrics are likeable and indicate that he still has a sense of humour.
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    5. Anonymous
      My local record store (Virginia Beach, Virginia) says there is a hang-up in U.S. distribution. He will not have any copies today.

      — Jim Roberts
    6. ForgivemeJESUS
    7. countthree
      This is like a piece of jewelry. So nice :)

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    8. ForgivemeJESUS
      Give it more than one listen, I actually like the way he got back to movie audio for background of the song....brings me back to ole days ..Vauxhall and I,(I'm talking movie audio inserts) not sound.
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    9. Anonymous
      Piccadilly Records sold out, so I wouldn't expect more to be available here for later mail order:
    10. From the left
      From the left

      Those who pay this amount would be pissed of if there are 4000 copies.I also want ten but just for me.
    11. ordinaryboy86
      Yep! I bought the lot up for £120 (10 copies) with the mind there was only 1,000. If I didn’t buy them someone else would’ve, and just flipped them for 3, 4x what there worth. At least I’m letting the fans have them for £12 a piece, none of the ones I have will see eBay.
      With the amount I’ve now seen tho, and if anyone’s been checking Discogs hourly like I have, you’ll see dozens from Portugal, Germany, and an unusually high amount from Italy, so 4,000 is deffo the likely number!
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    12. Irregular Regular
      Irregular Regular
      I gave it several listens, more than it deserves.
      It is pants.
      And as more of often than not with recent releases, it's the music that I have a problem with.
      The acid test is rather simple - if this wasn't Moz, would I give it a second listen? The answer? Nope, a resounding NO.
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    13. ordinaryboy86
      It’s gash, and there’s nothing wrong with that, not even Moz can get it right everytime.
    14. From the left
      From the left
      Anyone knows the difference between Uk&Europe and US edition stated on Discogs?
    15. ordinaryboy86
      I was gonna say the exact same thing the other day to those who claim his recent material is on par with his early stuff. If you erase all of Mozzas material pre-2014, and take his last two albums as measuring stick, how many fans would he have. Truth is, most of us are here because of the Smiths & Viva Hate, Vauxhall etc. His past glories have carried him far enough for me, he needs to come with sometime big next time around, or I wouldn’t mind if he retired.
    16. ringrosso
      I went to get mine, but the cupboard was bare. Fucking gutted. At times like these living in New Zealand sucks major balls.

    17. ordinaryboy86

      Plenty here for you to have a go at. These prices are as fair as you’re gonna get

    18. lanterns
      okay, lover-to-be, this was it. no second chance.
      went to the local rsd vinyl store this morning through heavy snow after my groceries shopping tour with some potatoes in one bag and some washing powder in my left hand, ready to meet the 45 single within the stipulated time.
      there were already four vinyl know-it-alls discussing rsd through their beards with the owner inside the store. the two rsd boxes contained mostly john lennon, bob dylan and van morrisson.
      i then inquired for the morrissey single, the rsd guys fell silent and watched me all over probably thinking that it is morrissey who draws in the chicks. the owner told me there hasnt been any morrissey but he might be on "hold back" which allegedly means that the single might come in within the next 6 weeks.
      i declined the offer to visit the store for the next 6 weeks regularly and went home.
      as i said, lover-to-be, if you cannot even be punctual on our first date, then there won't be a second chance. thats it. goodbye.
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    19. Cutter

      Birdland had one copy, I was in line at 3am to get it!
    20. KingKongLeer
      I Thought You Were Dead is pure joy. Thanks, Moz and band.
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