Love Music Hate Racism event by Dave Haslam - Manchester, same night Morrissey plays (July 8, 2018)

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    On the moors

    Ex-Hacienda DJ Dave Haslam is throwing a free party to coincide with Morrissey’s forthcoming visit to the city. He says the party, featuring more than a dozen of the city’s top DJs is “in response to Morrissey’s divisive views, and his support for the far-right.”

    Morrissey has attracted controversy for a host of remarks and opinions – including undermining the #metoo campaign and claiming there’s “no difference between eating animals and paedophilia”.

    In recent years, the ex-Smiths singer’s views on race have become particularly strident. Morrissey has described the Chinese people “a sub-species”, heavily criticised Angela Merkel for opening German borders to refugees, and has gone on record supporting far-right figures like Anne Marie Waters and EDL founder Tommy Robinson. He does, however, claim to have “Muslim friends”.

    “Manchester is our home, it’s a city built on immigration, a city with an amazing legacy of great bands and wonderful clubs,” says Haslam. “Music brings people together. Strangers become brothers, sisters. All this positivity spreads into the city and beyond.”

    Haslam points out Manchester’s solidarity and sense of community in the aftermath of the Manchester Arena attack, which he contrasts with Morrissey’s pronouncements; “Morrissey hasn’t lived in the city for thirty years – he lives abroad in tax exile – and has now joined the ranks of various right-wing politicians, tax exiles, tabloids, and media hate-slingers seeking to divide our community.

    “There are counter arguments. There are many of them. But for now, I’ve decided to counter the hate by throwing a free party, a celebratory all-dayer of beautifully diverse soul-filled, hope-filled music…”

    The event on Sunday July 8th, entitled ‘One Nation Under A Groove’ will take place at Revolution on Deansgate Locks from 3pm until midnight.

    DJs include DJ Paulette (Flesh), Dom (Blood & Fire), and Irfan Rainy (Community). In addition, Haslam himself is joining forces with Elliot Eastwick and Jason Boardman to resurrect the hugely successful ‘Yellow’ brand as a one-off for the event.

    Admission is free, but a collection will be taken, which will be donated to the charity Love Music Hate Racism.

    “It might not be coincidence that the venue is just a few hundred yards from where Morrissey is playing,” admits Haslam.

    “Morrissey fans on their way to or back from his concert are more than welcome,” he says.

    +++ Facebook event page with full DJ line-up here;


    An anonymous person posted the link:

    Dave Haslam throws 'positive protest party' against Morrissey at the same time as his Manchester gig - Manchester Evening News
    “Morrissey fans on their way to or back from his concert are more than welcome.”

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    1. Nicko Manuva
      Nicko Manuva
      Wouldnt normally be seen dead in Slazenger. Just wore that while shifting some heavy stuff on a very hot evening and couldnt be arsed to change. You’re right, it’s not a good look!
    2. Nicko Manuva
      Nicko Manuva
      Why are you calling me Toni? I think you have me confused with someone else.
    3. bhops
      Slazenger??? I'm a Le Coq Sportif man myself :brows:
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    4. bhops
      Vegan Cro is a magnificent troll and let me tell you why. Number one, they clearly don't take themselves too seriously, it's obvious they're having fun with their pretty coloured posts and nor do they really give a damn about what anyone else thinks. Number Two, despite the protestations of those they troll you can see by the amount of times Vegan Cro is mentioned in thread after thread after thread that they are having the desired effect or why else mention him/her at all? A terrible troll is someone that nobody notices. With all the 'I was blocking you, but now I'm not blocking you, but then I'm gonna block you again' shenanigans..........well it seems like Vegan Cro has you dancing to their merry tune.

      And lastly but not leastly you can always tell if a troll's trolling is working by the amount of hate, bile and profanity thrown their way and in the case of Vegan Cro that is a lot. Now admittedly I haven't read every single one of Vegan's posts but as far as I can see they don't really ever seem to use profanity nor based attacks, the same cannot be said for Vegan's victims. The nastiness and avalanche of profanity that he/she gets in return for what amounts to a little light hearted trolling seems rather excessive to me and certainly evidence that in fact Vegan Cro is a very very effective troll.
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    5. Nicko Manuva
      Nicko Manuva
      Effective, yes. Magnificent, though? Doesn’t seem the right description for someone whose main use of their spare time is deliberately winding up strangers for his own amusement. What a terribly sad life. I’m not entirely innocent here, because I enjoy a good old internet windup myself, but my goodness some of the people who dwell on these forums have dedicated their life to the internet equivalent of tommy-knocking. Imagine how much happier they would be in themselves if they devoted all that energy to something positive... like maybe supporting an artist they admire.
    6. Anonymous
    7. bhops
      This is where we’ll respectfully have to disagree in that it should be obvious that they are having fun. Strange fun maybe but fun nonetheless. As to winding people up, Vegan Cro can’t wind anyone up, you have to let yourself be wound up for it to work. If you pay a troll zero attention then they have zero effect.
    8. Nicko Manuva
      Nicko Manuva
      Strange fun indeed. Each to his own, I suppose.

      Moz cancellation just made the main news on R4. And they interviewed Dave Haslam.
    9. E Scott
      E Scott
      Does anyone know excatly how poor the ticket sales were? I think it was also close to his previous tour may have had an impact on sales not just his views.
    10. Thewlis
      That was the main reason, too close to his last mainly sold-out tour and no new material to speak of. Add to that the high prices and that explains it.
      The views he expressed since February have in no way differed from what he expressed at the end of 2017, so they are no factor as far as I am concerned.
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    11. Surface
      His Tommy Robinson views were this year. Think your clutching at straws. If he ever plays the UK again he will be in the academies, which are better than the arenas in my opinion.
    12. Uncleskinny
      Err, you just couldn't be more wrong. He expressed his views on Yaxley-Lennon not last year, but this year. The mental gymnastics a brain-dead acolyte such as you has to go through to justify clinging to a racist...
      Get it into your thick, bigoted skull, that thousands are turning off because he likes racists. It's just that simple. But simple and obvious isn't your thing, is it?
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    13. E Scott
      E Scott
      I understand hes lost some longtime fans but do we think Morrissey would attract new fans due to his political stance?
    14. Uncleskinny
      I think I read that the Leeds gig was full of Nazi hoolies getting pissed and fighting. So, yes, he has attracted new fans.
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    15. Anonymous
      FULL of NAZIS?
      You THINK you read.
      Plus,you are the only person I have ever heard talk of "brown people".
      Remember,racism is not just a white thing.
    16. E Scott
      E Scott
      Oh god really!! Doesnt surprise me...
      I didnt notice that element at Glasgow and Ally Pally gig. It shocks me on here the brazen level of hate consumed contributers comments about race/ politics etc - but you do get a distorted idea of his fans recently on here.
    17. Halloway
      He may do but the sort of keyboard warrior fascists he's likely to attract don't like to leave their bedrooms very often so I don't think he's going to make much money off them.
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    18. Thewlis
      He expressed his views on Anne Marie Waters and Nigel Farage not this year, but last year and even before, yet he still sold out a UK Tour this February, you lazy fascist!

      Get your facts straight! But we all know you can’t because you feed on gossip and rumours and blackening every person that doesn’t agree with you.
    19. Surface
      Not sure why you think the Feb shows are all sold out? The London ones were and a couple[le of the small arenas but there were still tickets for Leeds, Glasgow and Birmingham available on the night. 4 of my mates bought them at the NEC box office

      Brighton review by the local paper - The show didn’t sell out, but it wasn’t far off.

      morrissey poster 2018 feb tour
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    20. vegan.cro spirit# 214
      vegan.cro spirit# 214


      O NO WTF? now you are making love letters to me? Fing trolls, I remember when you were
      a right wing troll trolling poor Brummie Boy, then Skinny decided to make you a commie pollo
      muslim troll. Then you trolled trolls who said the shows were not selling now you are trolling good
      peeps who say they are selling ALL ON YOUR FUHRERS ORDERS! the horror of it all.:fearful:

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      He has no money so hes making up the tattoos but making it up is a sign of craziness for sure.

      Hairdressers pontificating on POLITICS while sitting around on assistance. To finish it off, we have
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      He best not get rid of the NECK TATTOO less FUHRER SKINNY think hes a racist.

      Now please no more love letters:straightface:

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