Love Music Hate Racism event by Dave Haslam - Manchester, same night Morrissey plays (July 8, 2018)

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    On the moors

    Ex-Hacienda DJ Dave Haslam is throwing a free party to coincide with Morrissey’s forthcoming visit to the city. He says the party, featuring more than a dozen of the city’s top DJs is “in response to Morrissey’s divisive views, and his support for the far-right.”

    Morrissey has attracted controversy for a host of remarks and opinions – including undermining the #metoo campaign and claiming there’s “no difference between eating animals and paedophilia”.

    In recent years, the ex-Smiths singer’s views on race have become particularly strident. Morrissey has described the Chinese people “a sub-species”, heavily criticised Angela Merkel for opening German borders to refugees, and has gone on record supporting far-right figures like Anne Marie Waters and EDL founder Tommy Robinson. He does, however, claim to have “Muslim friends”.

    “Manchester is our home, it’s a city built on immigration, a city with an amazing legacy of great bands and wonderful clubs,” says Haslam. “Music brings people together. Strangers become brothers, sisters. All this positivity spreads into the city and beyond.”

    Haslam points out Manchester’s solidarity and sense of community in the aftermath of the Manchester Arena attack, which he contrasts with Morrissey’s pronouncements; “Morrissey hasn’t lived in the city for thirty years – he lives abroad in tax exile – and has now joined the ranks of various right-wing politicians, tax exiles, tabloids, and media hate-slingers seeking to divide our community.

    “There are counter arguments. There are many of them. But for now, I’ve decided to counter the hate by throwing a free party, a celebratory all-dayer of beautifully diverse soul-filled, hope-filled music…”

    The event on Sunday July 8th, entitled ‘One Nation Under A Groove’ will take place at Revolution on Deansgate Locks from 3pm until midnight.

    DJs include DJ Paulette (Flesh), Dom (Blood & Fire), and Irfan Rainy (Community). In addition, Haslam himself is joining forces with Elliot Eastwick and Jason Boardman to resurrect the hugely successful ‘Yellow’ brand as a one-off for the event.

    Admission is free, but a collection will be taken, which will be donated to the charity Love Music Hate Racism.

    “It might not be coincidence that the venue is just a few hundred yards from where Morrissey is playing,” admits Haslam.

    “Morrissey fans on their way to or back from his concert are more than welcome,” he says.

    +++ Facebook event page with full DJ line-up here;


    An anonymous person posted the link:

    Dave Haslam throws 'positive protest party' against Morrissey at the same time as his Manchester gig - Manchester Evening News
    “Morrissey fans on their way to or back from his concert are more than welcome.”

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    1. Anonymous
      Could be potentially because of the UK dates he'd done a few months before, I think? I think they're a harder sell when you've only recently done a run of gigs there.
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    2. Surface
      Ticket sales were poor before the Dave Haslam event was announced. He’s fucked up big time with his recent comments. There are tickets available on reputable sites for every UK gig but that’s only part of the problem as reselling site have bought a load and they can’t shift them either.
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    3. Uncleskinny
      As I posted elsewhere, I'm hearing they've all been cancelled. And as to your salient point - absolutely spot on. But that won't stop the brainless goons following the Moz camp lead trying to blame Dave and a 'campaign', because here it comes...
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    4. Anonymous
      Source for all shows being cancelled? You sound confident but won't tell us if it's more than rumours!
    5. StalinsPipe
      Screenshot_20180629-142743_Instagram.jpg Screenshot_20180629-142743_Instagram.jpg Screenshot_20180629-142813_Instagram.jpg Screenshot_20180629-143013_Instagram.jpg Screenshot_20180629-142912_Instagram.jpg
      U ok, hun? Teehee.
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    6. Anonymous
      So...offering free drinks for unused Mozza tickets now??
      desperate much??

      from twitter David Haslam page:
      UPDATE >>>> Hearing amazing rumours about the Morrissey gigs in Manchester... If true, we will be offering 2-4-1 cocktails at our 'One Nation Under A Groove' event to anyone with an used/unusable Morrissey ticket #VivaLove
    7. StalinsPipe
    8. Surface
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    9. StalinsPipe
      Bus is probably my favourite. The bus, flowers, cat and MiM were done by Nick Baldwin at Bold As Brass in Liverpool, and the portrait was done by Anrijs Straume, at the same shop.
    10. Surface
      He may need to be careful with what he wishes for here as there may be people who will blame him for cancellations and want to point that out to him.
    11. Anonymous
      So what, they will want to blame him for M cancelling the whole UK tour?
    12. StalinsPipe
      Morrissey always blames someone else when he gets a backlash against him. Case in point is the Spiegel interview. When it was originally printed he blamed the paper, saying they made it up and took his comments out of context, when really, they had transcribed what he had said word for word. He has no one to blame but himself for when things go tits up.
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    13. vegan.cro spirit# 287
      vegan.cro spirit# 287
    14. Surface
      Both Manchester dates and Reading are not available on Ticketmaster anymore - looks like rumours may be true!
    15. Anonymous
      I said yesterday that the whole tour is canned and I was marked “troll.” I ain’t making this shit up!
    16. Anonymous
      tour cancelled due to logistical reasons beyond their control. Yes Moz’s big mouth
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    17. Surface
      I never said you were I pointed out tickets were still on sale, they still are for Portsmouth and Edinburgh?
    18. StalinsPipe
      Do you need a wet wipe to get that sand out of your vagina? Diddums.
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    19. vegan.cro spirit# 1488
      vegan.cro spirit# 1488
      Hey youre making us look bad.
    20. vegan.cro spirit# 453
      vegan.cro spirit# 453
      SOOOOOOOOOOOLD OUT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :guitar: :thumb: :horny::tiphat:


      SKINNY/SURFACE IN LEVEL RED 10 PANIC!! :tears: :ahhh:

      Moz wins again.! :bow: CONGRATS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :flowers:

      :clap: :highfive:

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