Love Music Hate Racism event by Dave Haslam - Manchester, same night Morrissey plays (July 8, 2018)

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    Jun 1, 2000
    On the moors

    Ex-Hacienda DJ Dave Haslam is throwing a free party to coincide with Morrissey’s forthcoming visit to the city. He says the party, featuring more than a dozen of the city’s top DJs is “in response to Morrissey’s divisive views, and his support for the far-right.”

    Morrissey has attracted controversy for a host of remarks and opinions – including undermining the #metoo campaign and claiming there’s “no difference between eating animals and paedophilia”.

    In recent years, the ex-Smiths singer’s views on race have become particularly strident. Morrissey has described the Chinese people “a sub-species”, heavily criticised Angela Merkel for opening German borders to refugees, and has gone on record supporting far-right figures like Anne Marie Waters and EDL founder Tommy Robinson. He does, however, claim to have “Muslim friends”.

    “Manchester is our home, it’s a city built on immigration, a city with an amazing legacy of great bands and wonderful clubs,” says Haslam. “Music brings people together. Strangers become brothers, sisters. All this positivity spreads into the city and beyond.”

    Haslam points out Manchester’s solidarity and sense of community in the aftermath of the Manchester Arena attack, which he contrasts with Morrissey’s pronouncements; “Morrissey hasn’t lived in the city for thirty years – he lives abroad in tax exile – and has now joined the ranks of various right-wing politicians, tax exiles, tabloids, and media hate-slingers seeking to divide our community.

    “There are counter arguments. There are many of them. But for now, I’ve decided to counter the hate by throwing a free party, a celebratory all-dayer of beautifully diverse soul-filled, hope-filled music…”

    The event on Sunday July 8th, entitled ‘One Nation Under A Groove’ will take place at Revolution on Deansgate Locks from 3pm until midnight.

    DJs include DJ Paulette (Flesh), Dom (Blood & Fire), and Irfan Rainy (Community). In addition, Haslam himself is joining forces with Elliot Eastwick and Jason Boardman to resurrect the hugely successful ‘Yellow’ brand as a one-off for the event.

    Admission is free, but a collection will be taken, which will be donated to the charity Love Music Hate Racism.

    “It might not be coincidence that the venue is just a few hundred yards from where Morrissey is playing,” admits Haslam.

    “Morrissey fans on their way to or back from his concert are more than welcome,” he says.

    +++ Facebook event page with full DJ line-up here;


    An anonymous person posted the link:

    Dave Haslam throws 'positive protest party' against Morrissey at the same time as his Manchester gig - Manchester Evening News
    “Morrissey fans on their way to or back from his concert are more than welcome.”

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    1. mcrickson
      Should get Joyce to DJ just to piss him off even more.
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    2. Anonymous
      So only for Morrissey this wouldn't be happening.... it's a win win all round!
    3. vegan.cro spirit# 765
      vegan.cro spirit# 765
      "admission is free":nomouth:
      translation: IF NOT NOBODY WOULD BE THERE.:rolleyes:

      "contributions will be accepted":rolleyes:

      translation: "place will be jammed with purse snatchers and pick pockets.":eek:

      But that will SHOW MOZ:swear
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    4. Stephen Hofmann
      Stephen Hofmann
      Bunch of goons.
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    5. Anonymous
      Hopefully Morrissey sings National Front Disco at the Manchester show!
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    6. g23
      “Morrissey hasn’t lived in the city for thirty years – he lives abroad in tax exile – and has now joined the ranks of various right-wing politicians, tax exiles, tabloids, and media hate-slingers seeking to divide our community."

      Enough said.
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    7. 001
      Me too! :)
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    8. Anonymous
      He once made a dig about Angela Merkel?? Wow. So did thousands of others (and by the way Merkel has admitted herself , from her own lips, that there's now areas of Germany struggling because of her open door policy). He supports Britain First?? Mostly (I bet) it's because they actually have policies that are about animal welfare, plus he's said he's bored of Labour/Conservative jump hopping. (Aren't we all??? Many are!!!!!!)

      Why the anger and protests now? Are they unhappy NOW but happy to call him a legend before when he sang "Shelve your Western plans" ????

      Bloody hell. The moaning is dull. People just love snowflake-humping to the point of sad, empty orgasm.
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    9. Uncleskinny
      Utter bollocks. People are sick of racists, and apologists for racists, like you, you fucking racist scumbag.
      This message by Uncleskinny has been hidden due to negative ratings. (Show message)
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    10. Cornflakes
      I'm not by any means against this, but I wonder if the main effect will be just to make Morrissey's political opinions seem more important than they really are.

      Plus, organising anything to coincide with these gigs seems a wee bit optimistic.
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    11. Anonymous
      I hope the inevitable race war starts in Manchester and means the place is burned down. That place always had a bunch of nostalgic arseholes only interested in politics that fills their own pockets turning a blind eye to every problem out there.
      I can just about see it before me how a bunch of old indie fans who are now bald fathers with bitch tits will turn up for a ruck and end up getting humiliated by the police.
      England is gone and Manchester lost everything it had cause it became modern but the people did not develop with it.
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    12. Anonymous
      You mean scousers.
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    13. Anonymous
      Skinny forget it is people like him who are the new racists and how time has moved on but for some.
      Are you any good at violence skinny and will you show up?
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    14. 001
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    15. Anonymous
      Lol. The fact you call me scumbag racist for those two little paragraphs i wrote highlights that what Mozza said is true: if someone doesn't like what you say or your opinions, you're immediately called racist.
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    16. Anonymous
      Lefties events are always free and they bus people from all over the place and let the local antifa organise the unrest. I really hope lives will be lost and that Manchester burns down.
      Imagine all those hipsters beards on fire.
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    17. Anonymous
      The lady's not for turning and I'm talking about Morrissey not Thatcher. They want people to change their mind but would they do so themselves?
    18. Anonymous

      And he’s off.
    19. William Blake's Seven
      William Blake's Seven
      As a left-winger, a socialist, this sort of stuff embarrasses me no end. There's not only an absence of nuance and intellectual rigor, but an absence of anything that might reasonably be referred to as thought. Why challenge ourselves when we can just point and label? Concerned about immigration? Racist! Worried about Islamic extremism? Racist! Not too fond of spicy food? Racist! We've entered a new age of mindlessness, where we on the left smugly congratulate ourselves (because we own the moral high ground, we're the goodies) and the only beneficiaries are the actual far right. Jesus fucking wept.
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