Louderthanwar / John Robb: Kevin Cummins in conversation (November 3, 2019)

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Ketamine Sun

Thanks for this post FWD :thumb:

Long video, but definitely worth the watch, some really great and funny stories of the artists he worked with.

When asked who was his favorite out of ALL the artists he worked with over the years, of course he answered ....


No surprises there.

Funniest was Kevin getting one over on Peter Hook ... what a burn ! Hooky deserved it, what a schmuck.

He (Peter Hook) even asked Kevin why he doesn’t get royalties every time Kevin’s photos of Joy Division are used! :laughing:

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Reverse Ferret
This is just going to be a sad wail - but if they like him, can't they try to persuade him to get help for his persecution complex? Or even just his general health.

He can get away with the paranoid belief that there is one unified global meat trade that exists purely to oppress & kill animals because they're speciesist because it's a marginal topic but paranoia about an Islamist take-over of Europe because they want to destroy the white race or non-believers or cows or women or gays or Christians or whatever group he's most concerned about, feeds into a major political trend & will lead to constant attacks that he's not really built to survive.

I'd be bombarding him with pleas to stop. Which I kind of am - in this internet void.


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Thanks for sharing. Totally true about Moz seeming to have an instinctual understanding of how the camera portrait works and how he flirts with the viewer through the camera.

Duran Duran sound totally vile.

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