Louder Than War: "Doves drummer Andy Williams reveals his top ten formative albums" (October 7, 2020)

Famous when dead

Doves drummer Andy Williams reveals his top ten formative albums - Wayne Carey

Smiths part:

"The Smiths: Strangeways Here We Come

The Smiths are definitely a huge influence on our band. Jez and I were obsessed with them growing up. One summer weekend in 1986, Factory Records put on a festival at GMEX called The Festival Of The 10th Summer (it was meant to celebrate ten years since the Sex Pistols gig at The Free Trade Hall) it had New Order, The Smiths, The Fall and A Certain Ratio all on the same bill – you can’t f*** with that line-up, eh? The very next night we saw The Smiths at Salford University’s Maxwell Hall, which remains one of best gigs I have ever been to. We were 16-years old and that weekend cemented what it was we really wanted to do. ie; to try and avoid getting a proper job at all costs. One memory of The Smiths gig is I had no socks on for whatever reason, and I lost a shoe in the chaos of the crowd. I had to walk all the way home after, barefoot on one foot and walking in something suspect too on the way home. I was not in the least bit bothered."

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