'Lost' Morrissey interview by Tony Clayton-Lea, Dublin 1991

He sounds weary of all journalists at this point. Some telling quotations in there.

Q&A: MORRISSEY - Tony Clayton-Lea


This interview took place early June, 1991, backstage at Dublin’s National Stadium, several hours before Morrissey went on stage (the support acts were the Would Be’s) in support of his Kill Uncle album. To my knowledge, it is one of perhaps many (or very few, even?) ‘lost’ Morrissey interviews, as it has never shown up as part of the research for any Smiths/Morrissey book I’ve read in over 20 years.

Link also sent by Fr. Neil Horan:

An unpublished Q&A (until now) from 1991 before solo gig in Dublin
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I remember his witty quote about a milk float running him over, from back in the day. He was meant to be on a downer leaving Stephen Street and in the making of Kill Uncle, though this interview is a bit repetitive.
Its pretty clear he`s needed understanding management/positive promotion, here`s hoping his new book gives him some fire back in the belly.
Re: 'Lost' interview by Tony Clayton-Lea, Dublin 1991

I like that Moz confronted a journalist who lied. Go Moz, call out those little liars! I like that he made a point about cowards who act nice to his face and then turn into bitches when they get distance. I've seen that one oh so many times. (Some of them have been known to post online.) Stupid cowards!

Thanks for this , Skinny ...

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