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    Set List:

    Hand In Glove / Speedway / Ganglord / I'm Throwing My Arms Around Paris / The Bullfighter Dies / I Have Forgiven Jesus / Life Is A Pigsty / Everyday Is Like Sunday / To Give (The Reason I Live) / Yes, I Am Blind / World Peace Is None Of Your Business / Trouble Loves Me / Meat Is Murder / Earth Is The Loneliest Planet / First Of The Gang To Die / I Know It's Gonna Happen Someday / The National Front Disco // Asleep / One Day Goodbye Will Be Farewell

    set list provided by leedoggpimp, correction by an anonymous person

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    photo from Twitter posted by docinwestchester:


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Discussion in 'Tour archive (read-only)' started by davidt, May 11, 2014.

    1. CrystalGeezer
      The Welsh are sensitive.
    2. DubbalinGirl
      Flying back home now after the last two, so this will be brief. Santa Ana was the better show but moz was looser last night. Boz had tremendous technical problems last night and he was visibly frustrated and I think moz may have been impatient waiting for the tech and boz to get their act together. I don't like large venues for Moz so we opted for seats which judging by the crowd on the floor was the right thing for us. I wish he'd kept youngest and not to live, but I liked speedway after hand in glove.. The new arrangement of first of the gang is decidedly Mexican and I'll be curious to see if it remains so outside of the large Mexican markets. Tom jones was ok, a legend for sure but not a lot of vocal range. I liked more that he obviously enjoyed being there.
    3. MozRecording
    4. Johnny Barleycorn
      Johnny Barleycorn
      That's nothing. You should try the Scots, the Irish and the Pakistanis. The infinite patience of the English is the only thing that keeps these Isles afloat.
    5. Irish blood Irish heart
      Irish blood Irish heart
      Anyone know if imperfect list is being played before moz comes on stage on this tour? Waiting with baited breath for uk dates they can't come quick enough
    6. Anonymous
      God help the English. Check out your History BarleyBoy.
    7. Anonymous
      I liked it better when most of the fans who liked Morrissey and The Smiths...back in 1984 were not Latino. This generation of "fans" are an embarrassment. This is coming from a Latino who's been a fan since This Charming Man was released. It progressively worse. I see all these clowns and fat chicks who probably would have ridiculed a Smiths fan in 84 now "fans" and yet talk and know nothing of the
      amazing pre concert video that Moz lovingly put together. They get more excited over First of the Gang than Hand In Glove. Disgusting!
    8. Thewlis
      Many are, but they'd rather express their enjoyment elsewhere, anywhere.
      Soon all the sane ones will have left this sorry place. Just the loons will remain.
    9. dodgers1970
      Morrissey's biggest fan base, by a MILE, is Los Angeles. More so even that London or Manchester. They'll always get his best show! Although, I cannot believe that on this tour he played "TO GIVE (THE REASON I LIVE)" yet again! Are there really people out there thinking
      "Rather than something like Unloveable or Jack the Ripper, forget those, I want to hear his cover of To Give (The Reason I Live)!!!"
    10. KelleeR
      What a night, CG! Hope you are ok. I'm on the floor for the Denver show, maybe I'll wear my steel-toe boots lol.
    11. Anonymous
      Yes - they are. I don't particularly blame them, as they are a small country, and people confusing them all the time with the country next door is bound to piss them off.
      But I'm sure they will survive the horrendous insult! ;)
    12. Anonymous
      If you're a guy and you're only four feet tall with your fellow munchkins, don't think you're so tough! Then again, if I never grew an inch after eight years old, I get your insecurity. It's Hard to Walk Tall When You're Small!
    13. french_fry
      The pit was rowdy, but 90% of the people are very awesome and courteous.
      The other 10% unfortunately account for >50% of the body mass and should have been detained at entry.
    14. modrevolve
    15. Chip
      It did replace The Youngest Was the Most Love which I was somewhat hoping would get replaced with something else. Now I want it back. But I am not going to harp too much on it--its a great setlist overall, and from what I have heard and seen all of the shows have been excellent--with Moz's voice in superb form. I cannot wait to see him!

      - - - Updated - - -

      That's great to hear! I am glad you had a great time--especially after the last show being not so great for you.
    16. CrystalGeezer
      I like to think of it as the ultimate fan homage to Morrissey's first band. That's how hardcore a fan I am, none of this "Whaaaaa, I was at the Hacienda show..." My face takes the concrete I'm so fucking dedicated. :p
    17. Chip
      You seem to be under some false impressions. This is not a site about Morrissey. It is a site about a handful of anonymous posters and their inter-personal disputes that are too self-referntial for anyone who only posts here causally to follow and consists mostly of irrelevant memes, video clips, and bizarrely unfunny jokes.

      I really wish Dave would change the name. This site keeps getting cited in news sources as being Morrissey, sometimes with the implication that it is an official source of information and we really should clear up confusion about these sorts of matters.
    18. realitybites
      Did David go? Did he get in?
      Last edited: May 11, 2014
    19. Anonymous
      I'm not going to bother defending Morrissey anymore.I am over it.Frankly, I am tired of his antics.I think the reason this kind of stuff continues is because of laziness on his part. He has a lot of people who are essentially doing things for him for free. If he really and truly hated this site so much he could have made efforts to have it shut down instead he draws attention to it by claiming disdain for it . He also could have established a more official site for the fans so that they had an outlet for sharing in their admiration. He has had years to do this .Instead, he opted to surround himself in false mystery being a hypocrite and a poor role model favoring a rich broad who chases him around and has lied to his fans .He is not a private man. A private person does not constantly and deliberately play media games.If anything I think Morrissey is a huge part to blame for the culture that his image has created. He has done nothing to dispel this either. I am a fan of plenty of other people and I simply cannot recall a bigger group of not very nice people . I am not of course insulting everyone because in all honesty in times past when I have attended any Morrissey concert for the most part people I knew of or met were nice. Now it seems like this stalkerish nonsense of who is where what is this person doing? I mean I much preferred attending a concert of my own will, going with the flow and having the freedom to do so. Morrissey knows the kind of idiocy he has created.He also can be very hypocritical at times. He could, now that he is older try to take a different route with that but he does not bother to. Some of the comments on here are just as bad as Morrissey making sweeping statements about Canada or the chinese.On this post alone "Welsh people are sensitive" then I see people insulting each other based on being british or american which is kind of strange if you ask me .We are all individuals.Nobody is the same .We all have similar ranges of emotions and experiences in life regardless of accent or region. I blame Morrissey for allowing negative sub cults to continue. His wall between fans creates this problem. His lies create problems. People just want to share in the experience.Instead they turn against each other and for the most part don't really know what's up with this man.I am totally not intending to put anyone down on here whatsoever I just don't understand it sometimes.Morrissey seems very desperate for attention and insincere and separate from the things he portrays himself as . Some of it makes no sense.I was around back in The Smiths days .I just think of recent things have become rather disappointing.
    20. Compadre
      OMG you two! hardcore indeed
      glad it was a good time.

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