Los Angeles CA - Hollywood Bowl (Oct. 26, 2019) post-show

Discussion in 'Tour' started by davidt, Oct 27, 2019.

By davidt on Oct 27, 2019 at 3:00 AM
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    Feb 12, 1997
    Post your info and reviews related to this concert in the comments section below. Other links (photos, external reviews, etc.) related to this concert will also be compiled in this section as they are sent in.


    You'll Be Gone / Suedehead / Irish Blood, English Heart / Is It Really So Strange? / Wedding Bell Blues / Morning Starship / Lady Willpower / I Wish You Lonely / I’m Throwing My Arms Around Paris / Home Is A Question Mark / World Peace Is None Of Your Business / Why Don't You Find Out For Yourself / Days Of Decision / Back On The Chain Gang / Yes, I Am Blind / Never Again Will I Be A Twin / Some Say I Got Devil / Everyday Is Like Sunday / I’ve Changed My Plea To Guilty / Jack The Ripper / Jacky's Only Happy When She's Up On The Stage // I Won't Share You / How Soon Is Now?

    Setlist courtesy of @LifeIsVeryLong, Anon & setlist.fm

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Discussion in 'Tour' started by davidt, Oct 27, 2019.

    1. SheilaSmith
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    2. Famous when dead
      Famous when dead

      "I dedicated this song to Morrissey for his love and support! This is a clip of my performance at his private after party at the Hollywood Bowl last night!"

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    3. unloveable
      Awesome video ! Good camera there.
      Also nice different version of HSIN.
      Thanks :thumb:
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    4. countthree
      Is that lady Mrs Rodríguez?
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    5. Tom
      Disappointing set list for the final night of the tour, very lazy and safe. Surely everyone in attendance has heard How Soon Is Now live, not much of an encore. Absolutely no one wants to hear, You'll Be Gone, what a shit opener.
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    6. Anonymous
      Omg. That post wasn't marked "dislike" "troll" or "redundant"!!! People have problems with Morrissey being a gay daddy but have totally accepted he's transitioning!!!
      Let's ask this Thelma dude to sing a song to celebrate!!! :highfive:

    7. ForgivemeJESUS
      First of all it's not the finally, we still have Houston show which I'm looking forward to. 2nd with DAYS OF DECISION being played for first time makes it all great,
      I guess to each it's own.

      But we have 1 show left which is close to where some band members call home, sort of a homecoming
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    8. Anonymous
      solomon walker in the background is it?
    9. bandrus1
      He sure appears in pictures with minorities for a white nationalist
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    10. Mozmar
      Hope the Houston show goes well FMJ..I know you've been waiting for a while. Your patience will pay off. Have a great night! :thumb:
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    11. Anonymous
      He has some nerve selling autographed (by him!) Bowie albums. Shameless.
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    12. ForgivemeJESUS
      Yep,yep,yep, its finally has arrived, I hope to record the whole show, with Hope being a big word but at least the majority of it for sure
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    13. Anonymous
      That's 100% ad infinitum because he is one of the most warped, false, sick in the head, deluded people in the music business. 27/10/2019.
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    14. MoneyChangesEverything
      Looks like a good setlist. But ew, that shirt. Has he never heard of the Barbara Streisand Effect?
    15. Uncleskinny
      Odd that, isn't it? It's like he wants us to know he has brown friends. But not those other, nasty, non-African American types.
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    16. Anonymous
      It resorts to any attention getting mechanism for its pathetic worn out crap. Other "artists" songs, most are awful. "Wedding bell Blues, marry me bill"? Golden lights are quickly fading into Fright Night on stage at an old age. Vulgar T-shirts ? Ripped and torn punk style? Would it be her 6th puberty, or 6th middle age crises ? Yes, "her", she married bill !
      The goofy mini Cooper box she puts around town in, reaks of sneering white yuppie-dom for the poor, which she champions and raves on about.
      In bed with local politicians ? Disgusting. Interview with, of all media hacks, Larry K. and the obvious grovelling to a media whore, who didn't even know who you were. Dumps Julia over record co. insistence of no other outside source material. How do you keep going David, or are you allowed into the Queens parlor now ? All sins forgiven, no harm done. And what about the James B photo-back drop, in stereo ? What's it all about Alphie? Will she autograph a copy of "I am not your negro.", for her fans in mexico. They'd be thrilled to hang a James B. poster on their walls.
      The Smiths were really great. "She was good in her time." That time ended around the Tormentors lp. It was good ...to even excellent. After that, a swift eclipse into semi obscurity. She dwells in the misfortunes and troubles of others , while a disgusting example of californicate hypocracy is all she portrays now. Stay in your gated commune, for the good of us all.
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    17. Nerak
      I'm hoping that he was just gunning for liberal hypocrisy etc, I think we have handled a lot of issues badly so I wouldn't blame him. But For Britain is truly, genuinely a fascist party. I don't think there's any shame in trusting Anne Marie Waters, she's a very unlikely fascist. But now she's open about it, the UK press & artsy social media won't let it go. They were talking about cleansing The Smiths of Morrissey on my Twitter. He's reached folk demon proportions. Based on a pin & a few messy quotes. Some things aren't worth being stubborn about.
    18. AztecCamera
      I reckon California's Son could of sold out at least another 2 nights of hometown gigs and he really could of had a valid excuse for cancelling with the fires. HB was packed with lots of his fellow Hollywood dignitaries backstage. I am seeing a lot of middle aged suits around at the California shows this year. I reckon he is planning his political strategy when he runs for governor of California. The fuck the foreigner newspaper t shirt was awesome! There was a huge truck delivering avocados backstage. Word is that he was having guac made fresh for him. Maybe Aunt Nancy has learned to make guac?? His old Malibu surfer dude hairstyle is so cool. Time for a 6 month break and then do it all again from Diego to the Bay cunt tit thick wacker daft inn n nnn nnn n n nnn nnnn nnn n it.
    19. Anonymous
      Yup. Hate to say skinny, but you have a point. Just wrote a thesis on the nonsense it's all become. Over board pathetic ....HEY there's a new tune. Overboard Pathetic.
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    20. Anonymous
      He looks hot in that t.shirt.
      (Yes, Sammy, I KNOW his face is photoshopped.
      Well, Sammy, mostly because in normal shots nowadays your uncle looks like John Herbert.)

      (Permission to dislike this post if you know who John Herbert is without googling. Which rules you out I'm afraid Lanterns.)
      ( no, it's not that John Herbert. Nope, not that one either... I'll leave you to it...)

      ps: but your cat wants a snack.

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