Los Angeles 1991 - Bowie appearance

Does anyone have the video of it?
I'm sure, I've saw it a long long time ago on youtube. But now, it's disappeared.

Bowie appears at the encore song "Cosmic Dancer".
I've found the whole show recording, by usin the search function.

But where is the video? Does anyone have it or knows a place or a person who has it?

Such a video do exist. I've read it, someone has record it. It was someone, who sounds like.. Broad ^^ (I'm not sure...) But, it was a professional recording and was shown in a short interview.

I hope you can help

greetings, your

excerpt from: http://www.passionsjustlikemine.com/live/moz-g910602.htm

"The 14000 tickets for this concert were sold out in a record-breaking 14 minutes! This was another fantastic California gig. Morrissey was in the best of moods, and the fans were cheering and screaming for the whole 75 minutes the concert lasted. A good number of them successfully made it on stage. The highlight of this concert was obviously the appearance of David Bowie who sang a duet with Morrissey for the encore of "Cosmic Dancer". As if this was possible, the crowd was even more ecstatic, and so was Morrissey judging by his appearance."


Awesome, modrevolve.

As for an audience audio boot, one clever chap commented, "I wish those two old queens on stage would shut up so we could better hear the audience scream." :lbf:


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Funny I just noticed the narrator says over this clip that the venue is Madison Square Garden which is incorrect as it is indeed the Great Western Forum. Reports confirm Bowie was at the MSG show as well but did not perform. Comsic Dancer wasn't played at MSG either.

As for a video, a few privileged people may have it but so far no video bootleg has surfaced that I know of.
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