Looking to buy Smiths / Morrissey cassettes


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Hi I am looking to buy any Smiths or Morrissey cassette tapes, preferably harder to find and foreign versions, preferably with alternative artwork to their UK counterparts.
I would especially like anything from the Philippines, Thailand, Russia etc, as well as looking for a copy of the following titles on cassette:

Morrissey 'Roy's Keen' (UK)
Morrissey 'Sunny' (UK)
Morrissey 'Satan Rejected My Soul' (UK)
Morrissey 'You Are The Quarry' (Russia)

I will add more as and when i think of them.
I am a long time lurker, and have only just opened an account on this forum, but I have an Ebay account with over 800 purchases and 100% rating, the same goes for my Discogs account and I have bought quite a few expensive items from a couple of members on here who can also vouch for me.

Please PM me, or email me on [email protected] - thank you :)
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